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Cost-Effective Childcare

Cost-Effective Childcare

Affordable Rates. No Hidden Fees!

Our rates are very competitive at a cost of only $7.20 per hour. Whether you are a first-time or repeat host family, or looking to transfer from another agency, we have a discount just for you! In addition, we also offer a flexible payment plan that makes the au pair program even more convenient for your family!
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Meet Our Au Pairs

Meet Our Available Au Pairs

Candidates Available from over 60 Countries!

Not only are we a leading au pair agency, but we are also parents. This is why we offer only thoroughly screened, highly trained au pairs that we would entrust with our own children. With flexible arrival dates to meet your busy schedule you can welcome your new au pair in 4-6 weeks or less!
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Help When You Need It

Personal, One-On-One Service 

We are a family oriented agency dedicated to providing quality, trustworthy care for your children! If you have questions about the au pair program we will be happy to walk you through the process step-by-step from filling out your application to welcoming your new au pair. 
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Host families choosing the Short Term, Second Year or Immediate Start Program will benefit from hosting an au pair who already has live-in childcare experience in the US. These au pairs have various skill levels and are seeking placement for various lengths of time. The au pairs are already in the US.

Availability in these programs is limited and changes daily. Our childcare advisors can keep you updated on our current availability and may also know of new candidates as they become available. If you are looking for certain specifications, you may apply to be contacted when these au pair candidates become available.


Au Pair Short Term

The au pair program is normally a year long. Au pairs in our Short Term Program are available for a shorter period of time than 12 months. Please contact us for current availability. Phone:1-888-649-2876 or e-mail.


Au Pair Immediate Start

If you are in a hurry, please contact us for au pairs available in the Immediate Start program. Our Immediate Start au pairs are seeking a placement and are ready to start within days.

Phone: 1-888-649-2876


Second Year Au Pair

With Second Year au pairs, you benefit from hosting a participant who already has a full year of live-in child care experience with an American host family, and is seeking placement with a new family for their second term for 6, 9 or 12 months.

The Au Pair Professional Program is a choice for families who seek au pairs who are professional caregivers. Candidates approved for this program have a formal educational child care degree or a minimum of two years professional, full-time child care experience. The pool of these specialized candidates is limited, so plan ahead and apply early.

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Au Pair Professionals are highly-qualified caregivers who want to practice their profession overseas. Candidates are between 20 and 26 years of age and have completed a formal childcare degree of minimum two-year full time academic course in childcare or have a minimum of two years full-time experience working as teacher, nanny, childcare provider or nursery school teacher. Documentation of the formal child care degrees and experience are provided during the placement process.

All Au Pair International au pairs hold a very high standard and we recommend reviewing candidates in both the regular and professional program. The Au Pair Professional Program simply provides another option for host families who seek a more specialized level of care.


What Our Host Parents Say

Our son needed special care and heavy lifting was required. Antony was a certified nurse and perfect for the role. He took our son everywhere and stayed with us for two years.
Rachel May, host mother
Instead of hiring a tutor to boost our children’s grades, we decided to host an au pair who could assist with homework. Marcia is a professional school teacher and loves to teach the children. It has worked out great.
Stephan Cannon, host father

The Au Pair Standard program combines dedicated au pair childcare and cultural exchange for toddlers (2+) and school-aged children.



Your child benefits from personal, one-on-one care provided by a dedicated live-in care giver. Your au pair understands your child’s personality, habits and daily routines, and is therefore able to provide the highest level of care to meet the needs of your child and family.

The personal attention provided by an au pair can help children of any age advance academically. Au Pair Standard caregivers are well-educated and offer your child a new cultural perspective. As a result, our au pairs are committed to providing valuable learning and an enriching educational environment.

Au pairs lend their expertise in the following areas:

  • Supervising and playing with children through focused, one-on-one interaction.

  • Providing valuable assistance with homework and school projects.

  • Managing your child’s schedule, including complex school calendars, project/homework deadlines, extracurricular activities, play dates and more.

  • Facilitating creative development and learning through art projects and interactive games.

  • Driving children to school, appointments and extracurricular activities.

  • Assisting with household work such as laundry and the supervision of children’s chores.

What Our Host Parents Say

Mornings were stressful for us. Between getting the kids and myself ready and driving them to school and daycare, I was exhausted before I got to work. After work, I was trying to combine making dinner and assisting with homework. It was a rush all day long. Once we began the au pair program, all that has changed and life has finally settled down.
– Georgina Hansson, host mom VA
About a year before starting Kindergarten, Adam was just burned out at day care and the repeat activities they offered. We were afraid that it would affect his interest in learning when he started school. It was a true relief to get an au pair who could do fun and educational activities with him while also assisting with our second grader.
- Laurie mom of two active boys (5 and 7)
I feel like a human being again.
Michelle, mom of two girls (7 and 10 years old), Southern California (On the advantages of having an au pair)

The Au Pair Infant Specialized program provides families with an au pair who is specially-trained in infant care, nutrition and development. All Infant Specialized au pairs have documented infant experience caring for children under two years of age, and have completed the Au Pair International Infant training course.

Au Pair International does not charge extra for the Infant Specialized Program and therefore, the demand is high. Due to the few candidates approved for this program, our infant specialized au pairs are limited. Apply early: It is easy and you are under no obligation to start the program.

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Your baby benefits from one-on-one attention provided by a highly-qualified caregiver with specialty experience and training caring for children younger than two years of age. Your au pair can assist in keeping a consistent daily routine and engaging your child in games and activities to stimulate mental and physical development. Infant specialized au pairs can provide 45 hours of childcare assistance per week, including:

  • Feeding, changing, bathing and putting your baby to bed.
  • Providing a safe, calm and nurturing environment for your baby.
  • Engaging your baby in learning and developing activities.
  • Assisting in the development of consistent sleeping and feeding routines.
  • Doing your baby's laundry and organizing clothes.
  • Sorting and cleaning toys.
  • Communicating with parents about baby’s development.
  • Keeping a development journal.

What Our Host Parents Say

“With Au Pair International, the hours of care we receive are based on my baby’s schedule, not the day care’s operating hours.” - Jen, host mom NJ
“Because our au pair Anna lived with us, we got to know her very well and felt confident and safe about the care she was giving. We could see her interaction with the twins when we were home and were confident they loved her and she them.” - David, host dad NY
“Thanks to the Au Pair International Program, our baby gets to play in an environment she knows, and she also get lots of attention and hugs." - Monica, host mom TX
“Audrey was not able to sleep in daycare with all the noise. Now that we have an au pair, she has an exact routine with the safety and familiarity of her own bed.” - Antonio, host dad DC

Au Pair International offers a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of our host families. The first step toward hosting an au pair is becoming a member of Au Pair International. It is easy and with no commitment to start the program.

The au pair program offers flexible, high-quality, yet affordable live-in childcare. That is why it is the fastest growing childcare option in most of the western world and is often referred to as “the childcare for the modern parent.” Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting a program that is right for your family. As you evaluate au pair profiles and learn more, you may decide on the program that fits your current childcare needs.

Phone: 1-888-649-2876


What Our Host Families Say

  • John - CO

    A little over two years ago, I lost my wife Patty to cancer. With a huge hole in our home from the loss of Patty, Svetlana stepped in and helped Bryce feel loved and cared for during a situation that is difficult to imagine and understand. She has seen us through many tears and sadness, but brought so much safety and comfort into our home. I honestly don’t know how we could have made it the past few years without her.
  • LindseyMary

    Lindsey - CA

    Mary Luisa or lulu as we call her entered our family at a challenging time in early July. I was 7 months pregnant and our son was starting to act out as he realized a new baby was on the way. Rocket met Mary and instantly fell in love. He was so excited his new best friend would be living in our house. From day one lulu stepped in and has been there for our son and helped make the new baby transition easier on the whole family.
  • Ornela

    Keith - MD

    It was a very terrifying thought for me to entrust my children to someone else, but I can say with whole hearted enthusiasm, we really "hit the jackpot" with Ornela. She has taken our twins from speaking greek words to being completely bilingual! To see the confidence and ability that they have is in a large part dedicated to her. We can truly see the pride and love that she has for Georgia and Peter. Ornela has really become a part of our family, not just an au pair.
  • NozomiStevenson

    The Stevenson Children - MD

    These past four months with our au pair have been the best experience ever! She even rode the Tower of Terror at Disney World with us three times. Tell us how many au pairs will do that for their host family kids! Our au pair is very special and we love her just like a family member. She does so much for our family and we just want to tell everyone how awesome she is to us!
  • Effie


    We feel fortunate as parents to have Effie in our family, especially in our busy lives when being away from home and the children during the day can often be very stressful. She makes our life easier, giving us the confidence that our kids are safe, in good hands and with the right direction!
  • Lissy

    Audrey - FL

    Lissy has exceeded every expectation we had for an au pair and has become just like another family member. I have said time and time again that you guys must do an amazing job screening these applicants. Although now I would have a hard time doing this again because I don't know if we could ever top Lissy!
  • MaureenSatoko

    Maureen - MI

    We have had several au pairs in our home and we feel very glad and are very lucky that Satoko came to us. I don't want to jinx anything because this is only the second week but I can tell you that Satoko is golden. We are grateful to Au Pair International for introducing her to us!