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Resources by State



The links listed below contain valuable information to assist au pairs and host families in finding education in your area, setting up a bank account, obtaining a SSN, finding a medical provider, and obtaining a drivers' license.  In addition, we have listed general information about each region as well as resources for fun activities that can be done with children in the area. If you have any questions regarding the information contained in each site please contact your local Area Director or Regional Director for assistance.


arizona   Arizona
california   California
colorado   Colorado
connecticut   Connecticut
dstofco   DC
florida   Florida
georgia   Georgia
hawaii   Hawaii
idaho   Idaho
illinois   Illinois
kansas   Kansas
louisianna   Louisiana
maryland   Maryland
massachusettes   Massachusetts
michigan   Michigan
nevada   Nevada
new_jersey   New Jersey
new_mexico   New Mexico
new_york   New York
north_carolina   North Carolina
ohio   Ohio
oklahoma   Oklahoma
oregon   Oregon
pennsylvania   Pennsylvania
texas   Texas
utah   Utah
virginia   Virginia
washington   Washington
west_virginia   West Virginia


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