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With Au Pair International, you can find the most affordable au pair care available. Childcare costs (and quality) vary greatly across the country. The au pair program is one of the most affordable options in most states.

Affordable Childcare

However, comparing only the daytime costs does not provide the full picture. Families who consider what they spend on childcare outside of daycare are surprised about the costs. Evening and weekend babysitting fees can quickly add up.

Consider All Your Costs

Time is money. With the Au Pair International Program, each hour is more efficient as it is set to your schedule.

When comparing childcare options, consider all your combined costs:

  • After hours babysitting
  • Childcare during school closings/holidays
  • Back-up childcare costs for when children are sick
  • Daycare services paid for but not received due to child sick days
  • Time spent preparing for and driving children to and from daycare
  • Time spent finding and scheduling babysitters
  • Time spent assisting children with schoolwork and projects

Au pair childcare is virtually “all-inclusive” and provides:

  • Primary daytime childcare
  • After hours babysitting and childcare during vacations
  • Assistance with preparing, bringing and transporting to and from daycare
  • A greater amount of “net hours” of childcare received
  • A reliable and consistent extension to your family

The au pair program eliminates:

  • Time spent finding babysitters and backup care
  • Time spent performing childcare related housework
  • Time spent assisting with schoolwork and managing kids’ hectic schedules
  • Stress associated with traditional childcare options

According to Babycenter, a parenting resource: “One problem with daycare is that you're at the mercy of the center. You may have to pay a costly fee for late pickups, scramble for backup care when the center is closed on holidays, and stay at home when your child is sick.”

The au pair program is an affordable program when directly compared to most traditional childcare programs. In addition, most au pair families report substantial savings when considering all the costs and benefits offered by the program.

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