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We are excited to announce the winners of our 2017 Host Family of the Year Contest!

Each year Au Pair International proudly holds the Host Family of the Year Contest to honor one host family who has been nominated by their au pair, for being an exemplary participant in this cultural exchange program. Past winners are families who have not only provided an example of American culture to their au pair, but have gone above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and just like a member of their family. This year we had many great candidates, and after much deliberation, we ended up having a tie for first place! Congratulations to the Kwok family and the Waldron-Yoshimura family for being this year’s Host Families of the Year! Please visit the links below to read the nomination letters for all of our winners.  


Congratulations to BOTH the Kwok Family and the Waldron-Yoshimura Family, Winners of our 2017 Host Family of the Year!


The Kwok Family of California - Nominated by Natsuki O. of Japan

KwokNatsuki O. of Japan nominated her host family, the Kwoks, because from the moment they selected her as their au pair they welcomed her as a member of their family. Not only did they have a welcome party for her, but their oldest child made a video to let her know he had picked her as their new au pair and was so excited to have her in their lives. The Kwoks included Natsuki in traditional American activities like Halloween and Superbowl parties. They also included her in family trips to Las Vegas, Hawaii, and San Francisco. She describes them as a caring family who always made her feel safe. Thank you to the Kwok family for being an exceptional host family and congratulations for tying for first place in this year’s contest! 

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The Waldron-Yoshimura Family of California - Nominated by Ai S. of Japan

Waldron YoshimuraOur other first place winner, the Waldron-Yoshimura family, was nominated by their au pair, Ai S. from Japan. She knew she would fit in well with her host family as they have 5 children and several pets, and she too, comes from a big family. Ai appreciates how her host parents always encourage the children to pursue activities that interest them. She also admires that they make special one-on-one time for each child, despite their busy schedules. The Waldron-Yoshimura family immersed her in American holidays which they spent with other family members and friends. Ai chose to spend a second year as their au pair because she felt very comfortable with them, because of their kindness and she was invested in seeing the children develop and grow personally. Congratulations Waldron-Yoshimura family and thank you for making Ai’s American experience so wonderful! 

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Congratulations to the following 3 host families, who tied for second place!


The Chalmers Family in California - Nominated by Louis D. of France  

ChalmersLouis D. of France nominated the Chalmers family to be Host Family of the Year because from the very start they welcomed him into their home and worked with him to overcome the language barrier. They also accepted him for who he was and involved him in activities that matched his tastes. He even had the opportunity to take his host children to Disneyland and Universal Studios! On their Christmas vacation, they traveled with him to France so he had the chance to share his culture with them. He is thankful for having been hosted by the Chalmers because they have instilled confidence in him. The Chalmers family tied for second place in this year’s contest. Thank you, Chalmers family, for providing Louis with a rewarding cultural experience! 

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The Cole-Fulcomer Family in Colorado - Nominated by Rebecca P. of Germany

BalloonsThe Cole-Fulcomer family also tied for second place in this year’s contest because their au pair, Rebecca P. from Germany, explained that to her, they aren’t even a host family anymore, but a second family. From the beginning, they welcomed her with open arms and made her feel at home. She got to experience a variety of sports games with them including a Rockies’ game and a Colorado Buffalos’ game. They also included her in family outings like hiking in the Rocky Mountains and taking a family vacation to Hawaii. One of the many great experiences an au pair can have while in the U.S., is taking an API sponsored au pair trip, and the Cole-Fulcomer family not only gave Rebecca time off for the trip, they helped her make travel arrangements. Congratulations Cole-Fulcomer family and thank you for your commitment to this cultural exchange program!

Cole Fulcomer Read More

The Gould Family in California - Nominated by Silvana D. of Brazil

GouldWe had so many wonderful nominations for Host Family of the Year that we simply couldn’t choose just one! In addition to our two first place winners, we had a three-way tie for second place! The Gould family also tied for second place, based on the nomination essay submitted by their au pair, Silvana D. of Brazil. Silvana said that from day one, the Goulds have shown her how much they love and care about her, and how important she is in their lives. Despite how nerve-wracking it can be welcoming a stranger into your home, they welcomed her with opens arms and have always respected her as a person and a professional. She is grateful to have become a part of their family because they are kind, and she has learned very much from them. Thank you, Gould family, for making Silvana’s au pair experience so memorable!

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