Annually thousands of young people from all over the world embark on a special journey by becoming au pairs. Leaving behind the familiarity of their homeland for as long as one year, au pairs travel to distant countries, where they are welcomed into another culture as a part of their host family.

Each year Au Pair International will select one au pair amidst all nominees to become our Au Pair of the Year.  In addition, we select three nominees to be submitted to the National IAPA Au Pair of the Year contest where he/she will compete against other outstanding au pairs from around the world!

This year, we are proud to introduce you to our 2018 Au Pair of the Year winner and runners-up.

Congratulations to Martin T. of Hungary – Winner of our 2018 Au Pair of the Year Contest AND winner of the National IAPA Au Pair of the Year Contest!

martinTo be awarded Au Pair of the Year, we look for participants that go above and beyond to care for their host children, embody American culture, and truly become a member of their family. Martin was nominated by his host family in Houston, TX for his compassionate care not only of his host family and their children, but to neighbors and friends who stayed with the host family during Hurricane Harvey. During this difficult time, Martin’s spirit never wavered. From playing games with the children to getting people to safety, he went above and beyond his call of duty to assist his host family. In his nomination letter, his host family says, “There is so much more we could say about Martin, but overall, he has shown us a loyalty and love for our family that is like no other we have felt from any au pair before. We are truly humbled by his giving nature and our family will forever be grateful for his assistance and care during the most difficult time of our lives.”

Martin was also recently chosen as the International Au Pair of the Year through the International Au Pair Association (IAPA)! IAPA supports au pairs throughout the world, and this award aims to showcase the cultural benefits of the program, for both au pairs and their host families. We are honored to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary of partnership with IAPA this year, and this is the first time an au pair from Au Pair International has won this prestigious honor.

Click here to read more about Martin, and to watch him accept the IAPA honor!

Congratulations to Our Runners-Up!

Au Pair International received many wonderful nominations for the Au Pair of the Year Contest this year, all of whom deserve recognition for being outstanding au pair’s to their host parents and children! Therefore, we would like to extend some heartfelt congratulations to each of our nominees, especially our two runners-up. Please click on their links below to discover why their host families nominated them for the Au Pair of the Year Award!

   2nd Place – Amanda S. from Spain 3rd Place – Natsuki O. from Japan
amanda natsuki

Would you like to nominate your au pair for our 2019 contest? Nominating him/her for this prestigious award is a wonderful way to give him/her much deserved recognition and credit for being an exceptional caregiver and invaluable part of your family! Click the link below for further details:

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