Congratulations to the Noto family of New Jersey – 2018 Host Family of the Year!

“Host Family of the year 2018 

I don’t even know where to begin on describing how much my family deserves to be host family of the year. To me, they are not my host family, they are my family, who took me in the minute I arrived and who have loved me and treated me like one of their own ever since. 

The Noto’s are unique. One big family with more love for one another and now me too than I have ever seen. The laughs, love, conversations, affection and more that travel through our home each day is something so special, something that everyone dreams of. We are always having fun, whether it be downtime, or going to the beach, or out to see family. It is always fun. 

I’ll start with Jay, he has become a very important figure in my life. He is like a dad to me as well as a good friend, whom I have so much respect for. Although he has 5 girls in his life, he still has enough time and love to give me, which is huge. He loves his family more than anything and you can see it each day. Jay has done so much for me and continues to make sure I get the best experiences and that I am always okay, which I am overly grateful for. Whether it be watching a show, going to a hockey game, showing me places I have always dreamed of seeing or having a nice conversation, he always does his best to make sure I am Happy. Jay is so invested in his family and his children and jumps in whenever he can. He loves his kids more than anything and always does what he can to be a part of everything they do despite how hard he works.  

Kelly is the strongest woman I have ever met. She is always doing everything she can to make sure her family, now including me is happy and has everything they need. We have a very strong bond, mostly like a mother to me, and a good friend, she will tell me what she thinks all the time which I cherish, since I believe in honesty comes first. We think alike, when it comes to the kids which is nice since we are always on the same page. Kelly has done so much for me, always making sure I am happy and making sure nothing is wrong. When I miss home, both Kelly and Jay comfort me and make sure I know it is okay to be sad sometimes. Kelly is incredibly funny and we always have a good laugh together which I love, we are always doing awesome things with the kids or just the adults. She is so invested in her children and makes sure they know it, the amount of loves she gives them s incomprehensible, always doing everything she can for them, Jay and now me. I cherish that a lot. 

I cannot explain what this family means to me because it is such a strong bond that has been formed. In a situation like mine, being an Au Pair, it is rather rare to find a family who wants you to be a part of their family in the way the Noto’s do. They have taken me in and shown me love and care, they even steer me in the right direction a lot of the time when it comes to things I can’t figure out myself. Although my job is looking after their children, whom I love more than anything in the world and will love until the end of time, Kelly and jay have taken me under their wing and made me a part of their family which is special. Our dynamic is unique. That is all I can say and I have never been happier in my entire life than I have been living with this family. 

They have 4 beautiful little girls. Scarlett, 5. Violette, 3. Nicolette and Juliette, almost 2. These girls have made me a better person and have taught me so many things. They are all so special and unique in their own way, making you smile will their little quirks and amazing personalities. Sometimes even making me cry because of the love I have for them is sometimes to much for my heart to hold. These girls are always on to something and are always down for adventure or snuggling and watching a movie. They are all best friends and when you watch them play, it makes you happy. Like any family there are ups and downs, but the ups surpass the downs by miles. And at the end of the day, nothing beats spending time with my 4 little angels who I love more than anything. 

I am extending with my family for another year because I couldn’t possibly leave after one year, what I have with them is so strong and so real that we will be in each other’s lives forever. 

The Noto family deserves to be Host family of the year, because to them it’s not just about a job, They make it about you, as much as it is about the children they make sure you get to experience life and have fun, and the most important thing, they make sure you know that you are loved and that you are now a part of their family. “

– Essay written and submitted by Gabriella C., au pair from South Africa

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