Congratulations to the Sorenson family of Colorado – 2019 Host Family of the Year Runner-Up!

“Either to look for new opportunities, to have new experiences or to leave everything behind, deciding to leave one’s country is never an easy decision. Becoming an Au Pair could be a very rewarding and happy experience just as it might be one with a not so happy ending. Thankfully for me, having met the Sorensen family has been one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. I know a lot of Au Pairs might say that their families are great, but I am 100% positive that mine is awesome and that there is not one as incredible as mine.

The Sorenson family has not only opened their door for me, but they have also done so to my family! A couple of months ago, Jen and Dave hosted my parents for almost a week while they visited me here in Denver, letting me finish working earlier so that I could spend time with them, as well as take my host kid with us when we visited downtown Parker for the same reason. Moreover, they are also going to allow for my sister and my brother to stay with us while they visit in July! Another incredibly sweet thing they have done for me is that they gave a whole week more of vacation to spend in another city so that I can be around my nephew for his birthday.

I know that some other families have done similar things for their Au Pairs, but my list of why they are the best is not nearly done. Being a family member does not only entail having a good relationship with one’s host parents and kid/s. It also means being involved in family matters which include other family members. In my case, I can say that I have always been considered as one and have been introduced as such. From having spent Christmas time with a set of grandparents and receiving an absurdly amount of gifts, being invited to go to Church with another pair, to just hanging out with a married older daughter, the Sorenson family has never stopped to amaze me on how much they include me in their plans and thoughts. In fact, while being in California for Christmas, like I mentioned before, my host parents decided to take me to Disneyland for the day because they know how much I wanted to go there. They even let their own kid with the grandparents so that we could have a one-on-one experience without having to worry about the little girl getting tired or grouchy.

I honestly cannot explain how much this group of people means to me, all of them. They have become people that I go to for advice, for help, or just to enjoy a good time with. Having shared some incredibly important moments together, like them getting married in Las Vegas with a Star Wars theme, or buying their first house together, I am sure we will forever have a beautiful and strong relationship. I really feel that, even if this my job, I am a member of the Sorenson family without a doubt. I really thank whatever it was that connected my path with this adorable, loving, caring, and so many other adjectives, family because I do not think I could have gotten better host parents and crazy and beautiful host kid than mine! They truly are the reason why I wake up happy to be in this country and without feeling nostalgic or sab about not seeing my family back home.”

– Essay written and submitted by Estefania M., au pair from Argentina

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