Congratulations to the Temmer family of Colorado – 2019 Host Family of the Year Runner-Up!

First of all, I want to say “thank you“ to Au Pair International, because of them, I get the chance to meet my awesome host family-Temmer family, and second home in United States. 

How time flies! It’s been more than one year since I moved to Colorado. I still remember the first FaceTime interview with Jo (my host mom), her big sweet smile made me feel so warm and comfortable. Without any more consideration, I decided to match with them. Before I flew to them, Jo texted me everyday, and we shared our days via messages. 

After two weeks, I finally met Jo, my little ”monkey” 🐒 Aiden (host kid) and Neil (host dad) in person. Then my happy new journey with Temmer family began! They took me to explore Colorado, drove me to the top of the mountain, so I could touch the snow in summer! Because of Jo’s work, we drove to Austin and stayed in RV for almost two months. We took advantage of every minute together to learn. We did really culture exchange, I taught them mandarin, they taught me English. Jo learned many kinds of different ways to say “no” in Mandarin. I told her that we call China “Zhong Guo” in Mandarin which surprised her a lot. We went to Chinatown on weekend, ate dim sum, had Chinese style boba tea. We went shopping in Chinese market, Aiden could feel the different culture. One day Aiden was singing one Chinese song in the car, I was so excited and amazed that he could sing it in Mandarin perfectly, the beautiful voice without any accent, that’s the most beautiful song I ever heard. At that moment, I felt it’s great to be an Aupair😄 

I’m so blessed to have Jo in my life, she is a “superwoman”, she can do almost everything by herself. We built cabinets together, we did dishes together, we cook together, we learn together. And she is a professional teacher who always teaches me English patiently, she would explain and give me examples until I totally understand. She is magical, she can always make me happy. No matter how bad I feel, as long as I see her, as long as I talk to her, I would feel happy again. She is not only my host mom, but also my friend. She compliments me, encourages me and cares about me. She is always there for me whenever I need her. 👩💗 

I want to share my little boy Aiden as well, he is the smartest cutest funniest and sweetest little boy in the world, who dreams to become an engineer in the future! I’m so lucky and blessed to spend one year with him which I wish it could be longer. Aiden is outgoing, loves to talk, definitely a “chatterbox”! He likes to read, he can read chapter books even though he is just 7 years old. He is my English teacher too! He would correct me patiently and teach me pronunciation. Sometimes he is as sweet as sugar, he would open the door for you and says “Ladies first “ like a gentleman. Sometimes he is as naughty as a monkey, go coo coo crazy, 🐒but not wild, haha. No matter what he acts, he would let you smile any minute! 

Then here comes Neil, a giant person with big beard, who is humorous! Jo said that I have a special relationship with him, because I usually sling shade on him and get away with it, that makes everybody laugh. He is a great dad, and a gentleman. He used to talk so fast, no, mumble so fast , which I couldn’t understand at all , and now he speaks slowly to make sure I can understand him. If I have to tell you his shortcoming, okay, he snores like a train! And shh, it’s a secret 🤫 

Jo and Neil are both busy during weekdays, but we tried to explore as much as possible. We went to San Antonio, the beach, Wyoming, and we are going to more adventures! No matter how busy Jo is, she cooks almost every night, then we have dinner together and share our “high low learn”. Or we would have popcorn for dinner and have a family movie night!  There is always so much fun in this family, just be prepared to show your chiclets(laugh)! 😁 

It’s impossible to write one passage to describe how awesome they are, how unique this host family is and how grateful I feel, but this is what they mean to me, Father, Mother, I, Love and You—family! Even though I feel so sad that I have to leave them soon, I know they will always be there for me, because we are family 

– Essay written and submitted by Suqin Z., au pair from China

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