Agustina Cesarego

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 4/18/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family:

My name is Agustina, I am 25 years old and I am from Argentina. I define myself as a quiet, reliable and friendly, open-minded woman. I lived by myself for six years because I was blessed to be given a house by my father, but my mother moved with me last month in order to take care of the house and my dogs so I, hopefully, get the amazing opportunity to live with the host family that chooses me to be part of the family.

My family consists of my parents, José Luis (65 years old) and Norma (52 years old), my brothers Lucas (35), Sebastián (34) and my sisters Natalia (39) and Evangelina (7). I also have two more important family members, my two dogs Arturo and Morena.

In my spare time I like to do a lot of activities but it depends on the weather. In the summer I like to go to the beach and I really enjoy swimming. I also spend time with my friends, go out to dinner, go to dance or we just drink mate. I’m not very much a sports person but I usually go to the gym or ride a bike on the coast with a friend. But the winter tends to be boring because the city where I live is small and we don’t have interesting things to do so in cold weather I usually stay home and watch movies. If I go out, I enjoy going to the cinema and theater.

As for my studies, I completed primary and secondary education at a state school and in 2017 I started a career in a higher education institution to be a kindergarten teacher and currently I am only two subjects apart from graduating so I’m very excited. Also, I studied English for seven years obtaining a diploma of the English Cultural and in addition to this, I got the First Certificate in English from Cambridge English.

I have a godson who is almost six years old and five nephews from three to fourteen years old and I like to pick them up and go to the park and play games. I love girls because we can do girly things like make up, hair, play with dolls. But I also know how to play video games so I get along very easily with boys. The main reason why I think I am an appropriate person to take care of your kids is that I am professionally prepared to help them with their studies and also play with them with a pedagogic meaning. Kids learn almost everything through playing so if I can give them the tools, it would be a rich experience of knowledge.

My experience with kids is being in charge of a class of more than 10 children in a kindergarten where I had to take the place of the teacher. On a normal day, I received the kids, we raised the flag and we entered the classroom. Then we all counted how many had come and what the weather was like that day. Then we got ready to carry out activities, always focusing on learning through play. I taught them the colors, the numbers, the letters. We did tongue twisters and riddles, we read stories and we danced a lot. On the other hand, last year in my free time I took care of a 9-month-old baby girl because her parents had to work during the morning, so I was a helper. We played a lot during that time since babies at that age are curious about everything around them and if necessary I had to bathe her and take naps.

I would love to become your next Au Pair because I love children and enjoy spending time with them. I am prepared and I am well aware of the fact that being like a big sister for your children comes along with responsibilities and it will not always be just play and fun. My calm and patient personality will help me to cope with some difficult situations that may happen.

To go abroad as an Au Pair has been a wish of mine for many years and I feel that this is the right time to do it. I expect that in the first couple of days it is going to be a little bit difficult as I get used to another whole culture and a new life. But I am sure that I will adapt to the new tasks and daily routine quickly and become a big help for you. I have never spent longer time abroad except for holidays but I am very independent so I don’t think I will become home sick. Living with me is really easy as I am not a demanding person. I do respect that the house is your house and that I have follow your house rules. If something doesn’t work as it should, I prefer to talk instead of ignoring things. Moreover, as I lived alone for a couple of years, I know how to cook, arrange and clean the house, do the laundry, among others.

I am really curious to hear all about you and your children.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Kind regards,

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