Aimi Nakamura

Home Country: Japan
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 6/30/22 (Extension)


Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello, dear future host family,
My name is Aimi Nakamura.
I'm 25 years old and from Tokyo. My family consists of a mother, an older sister, a younger sister (5 years younger), and a younger brother who is seven years younger.
I live by myself in Kanagawa prefecture now.

When I was a student, I worked part-time at a popcorn shop, a fast food shop, a salad deli shop, and also babysat on the side. I was in the hospitality businesses because I like to work with and care for people.
After graduating from college, I worked at a kindergarten/nursery for three and a half years, and now I work at a coffee shop/cafe. I started working at a cafe because I had a desire to be in an industry where parents who raise their children can refresh themselves. I thought it would connect children and parents better, because when parents can feel refreshed, they can give more energy to their children.
My good characteristics are that I believe that I am humble, considerate, and I can build close relationships with others. My weakness is that I am not good at expressing my own opinions. I want to be able to express my opinions while respecting other people’s feelings.

The reason I want to participate in the Au pair program is because I like children, and want to improve my English skills. Since when I was a junior high school student, I've always wanted to study abroad, but I didn't have the right time and I didn't have the right opportunity. I want to be able to think flexibly not only by language, but also by expanding my horizons and coming into contact with various ways of thinking in a culture different from Japan. I was very interested not only in studying abroad, but also in being able to provide childcare at home and support parents. I used to work in kindergarten because I liked children, but I could only impact kids in a school setting. It's because you have to respond to and care for many children and their parents at the same time, rather than supporting just one family or one child.

If I become an au pair, I want to be a member of the family and want the children to be comfortable with me. I think there are various rules depending on the family, but I would like to support child-rearing according to the opinions and desires of the parents. But above all, I really desire to take care of children the most. I want to be able to help and care for the child's feelings.
I want to use my experience from working in a kindergarten to introduce Japanese games and song play and in return learn English children’s games and try and mix them together. I also like to do arts and crafts and so I would like to be creative to provide good experiences for children, such as making toys suitable for each seasons and events, and using natural materials, etc...
I want to enjoy various things together by reading picture books and playing actively outside while keeping pace with the children.

Look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely yours,
Aimi Nakamura

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