Ajsa Musa

Home Country: Serbia
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 9/25/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear parents, I am a Serbian Au pair looking for a family. The good news is I am already in the US!I am currently living in San Fernando Valley, Granada Hills, CA with my first host family. I am in a friendly rematch. I've been part of this family since January this year and took care of their lovely 4 years old boy. Let me tell you something about me:*I have a college degree in Economy and Tourism*I have a Californian driver's licence as well as Serbian (3 years of driving experience with a clean record)*Excellent knowledge of English*Fluent in Spanish(Also basic knowledge of French, German and Italian language)*experienced with infants and older children age up to 12*fully vaccinated I can say that I am highly energetic and optimistic always trying to make people around me smile, especially the little ones :)I am extremely patient and dedicated in terms of teaching and helping children to learn and grow and the most important feeling happy and feeling loved. I enjoy cooking, reading, going for a run, hikes, beach and spending time with family and friends.:)If you have a pet, even better! I love being surrounded by animals! Based on my amazing experience in the US so far I would like to extend my stay and see what else can this program bring me. All I ask is that you are a kind and warm family ready for a new Au pair. I would prefer to stay in the area but I am open to other states too!If you have any questions my agency director as well as my current host family are willing to speak with you about their experience with me as an Au pair. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you!
ORIGINAL LETTER: Dear future family, My name is Ajsha. I am 23 years old student of economy and tourism, well till the time You read this letter I will surely graduate. I come from a city called Belgrade, the capital of a small but very beautiful country in Europe - Serbia. Born as a third child, I am supposed to be spoiled but that is not my case. My brother and sister, as well as me, have been working with our parents since childhood. They own a business with flowers and lots of other plants, so they figured out the best way to spend time together and learn the very important work ethics besides education. At the moment, I am trying my luck with a job which is more related to my studies- working as a receptionist in a hotel. If You are wondering about my relation with kids and this program, I cannot describe my time spent with them as a job because spending time with children is a part of my life, while caring for them you actually have a lot of fun, everyday adventures, positive energy, and that is enough to simply love them. Considering that I come from a big family I was always surrounded by a number of siblings and I took care of them whenever needed. Later, as I was getting older, my wish for caring for children also grew and I took some part-time jobs taking care of 2 lovely girls, one called Hana who was a few months old baby when I met her, and Sofija, an 8 years old girl. Also, I worked as an animator on children’s birthday parties in an indoor playground. Since that job went very successfully, that gave me the confidence to apply for this program and become an Au Pair. As a passionate traveler, who traveled all across Europe, I must say that my biggest wish is the USA. I am amazed by their culture, history, people and not to list all types of arts such as music, movies, dancing, and books - which are my biggest inspiration. I truly believe that my optimism, patience, energy, and compassion can contribute a lot to Your family and taking care of Your child would make it an extraordinary experience for me. Thank You for reading my letter and I am looking forward to hearing from You!

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