Ami Ishizuka

Home Country: Japan
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 10/24/21 (Extension)


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family.Hello! My name is Ami Ishizuka.I’m live in Kanagawa. Do you know there? My town have are lot ofnature, with sea and small mountains. We can see the wild animals. Forexample, Monkey, Weasel, Boar and Raccoon dog like that. I’m reallysurprised when the rabbit has appeared from the mountain, during myjunior high school sports festival. Then, there was popular in summerresorts about 100years ago. So we can see the variety of celebrityvillas.My hobby is playing the tennis. I have playing it for the weekend whenmatch the schedule with my friends. I used to doing the assistantcoach for tennis school when I’m a high school student. So I want toteaching how to play tennis if your kids interested it. And I like to traveling in the world. I enjoy staying at the guest house and making friends and trying my English skills.My job is Nursery teacher. It was a dream since my childhood. I likerich imagination of children. Children can come up with ideas thateveryone don’t notice on own, and I will learn new perspectives. Inaddition, I have important memories. When I was a child, my teachertaught me how to play stilts, and when I was able to do that, I wasvery pleased together as if my teacher was my self. I love nurseryschool jobs that give such children a lot of experience. There are two reasons why I decided to Au Pair program. The first isbecause I wanted to improve my skills to do child care using English.Secondly, I wanted to actually experience American life. When I go tothe United States, I want to go to various states and try to studyqualifications. Thought my childcare work, I realized that childrenlearned a lot while playing. For example, some children were obsessedwith playing like animals and couldn’t clean up the blocks they wereusing. To such a child, I also became an animal and said , “Let’scarry feeds (block) to the our house!” Then everyone were able toclean up as an extension of play. In the Au Pair program, I think that it is possible to take care ofeach child finely because it is smaller number than a nursery school,and I can see the child’s growth up close. I want to play a lot thinkabout it from their point of view. While following the educationpolicy of each family. I want to take in the play, teach variousthings, and think together with the children without missing thethings that the children are interested in.I’m excited to visit your family and I’m looking forward to it.Sincerely yours,Ami Ishizuka

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