Ana A.

Home Country: Brazil
Age: 21
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 12/18/23 (Extending)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,
I’m Ana Clara, but you can call me Ana. I’m 20 years old and was born and raised in Goiânia.
I live with my parents and my older brother, his name is Victor and he is 25, currently he is studying to be a police officer.
My mom is a psychologist, her name is Claudia. My dad, Adriano, is a realtor.
We have two cats, their names are whisky and mel. My mother is the one who is obssessed with cats, they were not my favorites animals, but after these two I have to admit that
they are still not my favorite animals but I really adore them.
I got into college in august of 2020, back then I was studying psycology until I realised that it was not what I wanted and I couldn’t see myself working with that. So I decided to transfer to fashion, it was something that has always been my dream since I was a little kid and I believe that it was a great
decision because finally I feel good about my major.
About my daily life it’s a little less complicated, I’m on vacation now so evervthing I have been doing is reading, trying new recipes in the kitchen, going out with my friend and
family, doing marathon of movies and series, and I occasionally work, when my boss calls and ask me for help on something like photoshots or fashion shows. But
normally I have classes in the morning and work in the afternoons.
My friends describe my personality as enthusiastic, fun to be around, creative, optimistic, calm, outgoing and etc…
I believe these characteristics would be very helpful to be an au pair, I also consider myself a patient person. I would love to be able to teach new things to your children, things like portuguese, some brazilian food, teach them how to fall in love with books like I did and many other things!
I had an amazing experience with kids in need in South Africa and also in a very needy city here in Brazil called Serra do Inacio. Experiences that I would love to bring with me, teach them about different cultures, different people and realities.
I have learned many things through these times that I spent with those kids, they taught a lot in many ways about life in general!
The main reason that makes me want to be an pair is that I have always wanted to see more of the world, meet other cultures, learn new things and I really believe that this is a great opportunity for me. You can trust that I will give my very best and do everything I am capable for you guys!

I am looking forward for this amazing experience.
All the best,


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