Angelica Daza Baleta

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 27
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 10/16/2021

My Video

Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello host family:
My name is Angelica Daza Baleta. I am 27 years old. I live with my mom, two older sisters, my nephew, who is nine years old, and my dog. I am a Spanish teacher. Two years ago I graduated with a degree in Spanish and English from a local university here in my hometown of Valledupar, Cesar. My favorite hobbies are reading, exercising at home, watching movies and TV series and dancing at church, in addition to spending quality time with my family.
I have always been surrounded by children and I have enjoyed being a part of their upbringing and progression. I have helped nurture my nephew, younger brothers, cousins and neighbors since they were babies. Additionally, I have been a teacher since 2013.
I worked in an elementary school teaching classes from kindergarten to fifth grade. Later, I taught teenagers in high school. Nowadays, I also give classes in the church to support children, ages six through twelve. My first experience with a child was with my nephew. Since 2009 I have taken care of him, changing his diaper, dressed him, played with him, helped him do his school work, accompanied him to cultural and academic events, made his meals and snacks, put him to bed and to this day I continue to accompany him in his walk of life.
Today, I live with my younger cousin who is three years old and I have been in charge of her every afternoon. I bathe her, change her clothes, comb her hair, and play with her. I prepare her snacks and help her with her homework, her needs bathroom and take care of her while she plays with our neighbors and friends. During my experience as a teacher, I have been with students taking care of them while they are at school, teaching them Spanish, taking care of them during recess and helping them integrate into cultural and sports activities. In my experience with Sunday school classes at church, I teach kids about God and his word. We practice dances, Christian songs and sports, as well as other cultural and educational activities.
In my household, I do chores Including cleaning, cooking, taking care of my pets, washing clothes and dishes.
I would love to be your au pair because I love to take care of children and share with them; I understand that we, as adults, can learn daily from them and They are the future of each country. I also want to be an au pair to improve my level of English through a better understanding of the culture in which English is used as well as developing a relationship with native speakers.
I wish to continue studying, but I’m also especially excited to meet new people and go to new places. I hope you can allow me to meet you and live a year with you and your family.
With love,
Angélica Daza.

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