Angie Mondragon Aguja

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello dear family!
My name is angie paola mondragón aguja, I'm 22 years old and i'm from colombia. I define myself as a lively, committed, passionate, responsible and respectful person. I live with my parents, my sister and my two dogs in bogotá d.c., the capital of colombia, where I completed my professional studies which i already finished, i am industrial engineering.
I was born in the city of bogotá, It is a very active city, It is the capital of my country, bogotá is the largest city in colombia, and bogota has about 8 million habitants. It constitutes the political, economic, financial and cultural center of the country, bogotá has a temperatures between 2oc and 22oc because we don't have stations here.
My family is composed by: my parents, william mondragón gómez (50 years old) and sandra milena aguja (46 years old) and my sister karen nathalia mondragón aguja (20 years old). My father owns his distribution center for building materials and my mother is an accountant for a company. Both live in bogotá, but my dad constantly travels to villavicencio, which is two hours away from bogotá. My sister studies civil engineering “escuela colombiana de ingenieria julio garavito” one of the best engineering universities in the country, i also studied in this , and i live with  my two dogs both adopted, one is called killer (5 years) and the other katy (15 years )
I have an infinite love for all animals, one of my passions is to save the animals that live on the street and are sick.
And other important thing, I love doing sports or physical activity, i also enjoy watching different sports matches with my friends and family. In my free time i like to walk with my dogs, watch movies, i love children's movies like cinderella. I also like to spend time with my friends and family, i go out to dinner, to dance, to go to the club to swim or play bowling, we meet to play board games.
I have always been surrounded by many people and that's why i really like to be meeting and interacting with different people. Another activity that i like to cook, many times when i get bored at night i cook cakes or something sweet for movie time. ¡i also enjoy going to the movies and the theater, or watching movies at home eating corn!
I completed my primary and secondary education a private school in bogotá called: san josé school. I finished school in december 2014, while I was in ninth grade I traveled to canada 2 months to an english school to improve the language, then i started in a private university in january 2015, my degree will be in may
Now i am studying english in an institute again to remember all, i like to always be learning new things and grow within the profession and as a person too. In addition to this, i studied german in bogotá and received a b1 recognition in this language.
I love spending time with children. I am the older sister and the eldest of my cousins and i had the responsibility of caring for my sister and my cousinson many occasions.
I love helping people who do not have the same possibilities as me and they do not have to eat or where to sleep and i understood that children are also vulnerable and when i worked with such vulnerable children began my love for children and my total dedication to help them.
When i was 15 years old, i started my social work, as a volunteer of the colombian red cross; there i learned first aid, water rescue among other things essential for my development as a volunteer. There i carried out activities as a children's teacher, guide of educational outings, camps , special activities (christmas, children's day, independence day and others) i was linked from (2013 to 2015 but now i am deactivated but i still belong to the red cross) and worked with children from 4 years to 14.
In all those for years, I had a very special affection with all the children i worked with, because i knew that they needed me and that i could change their lives a little. My job was to take care of children, organize fun games and activities, listen to children, and make them feel loved, teach them about culture and manners and accompany them in their growth.
My next experience was too a volunteer that I did a month in one of the poorest cities in my country and it is rioacha in la guajira, about 30 hours by car from bogotá. This month I took care of the childcare and feeding of children who were homeless with the help of other volunteers. This was in december 2014, which are the vacations of public schools and gardens in that area of the country. This was a very difficult place, since the children grew up surrounded by violence since they were very young; there were 80 children between 3 and 12 years old. It was a very enriching experience, which made me grow personally. At first, it was difficult to know the reality faced by some children born in absolute poverty, but I learned how to treat children and how to talk with them assertively.
Finally, in march 2014, during to the high academic load I had in the university, i had to leave aside the social service with children.
In the middle of the year 2018 i worked for the first time in a foundation called drops of love located in bogotá, there i attend on weekends and work with 60 children in vulnerable conditions between 4 and 12 years, every saturday for 5 hours all year.
There we do different recreational, educational and sensitivity activities, so that the children have a weekend full of new experiences and teachings, I play with the children, I help them take their snack, I take care of them, I avoid fighting the children among them, I take them to the bathroom, I help them to do crafts, I help them to do their homework and most importantly I learn from them every day and i want them to learn from me the best things.
In order to improve my skills with children under two years since I don't have so much experience with them, i decided to enter a garden near my house, I go every tuesday and friday from january of this year and I will continue doing so until I leave as an au pair, there i work with 20 children of 2 years or less, 20 of three years and 20 of four years and there I help with their education, to help them eat their snacks, to take them to the bathroom, to play with them, to see that they don't hurt each other, to calm their tears, take them to the bathroom and receive them in the garden.
Last and also very important, I have been my cousin since he was born now he is 5 years old.
I love him with all my heart and with he , I learned many things like: teaching him to go to the bathroom without diaper, eat healthy, have a good modal, play diferents games, talk about number and letters, do homework.
Also we have gone in a cinema, in many resturants, in attraction parks, many zoo, go shopping, walk to know new places and i do these activities frequently
Thanks to all my experiences working with children i met the au pair program i really liked it. I met him in university, and from that moment, I thought, "someday i want to do this", and now is the time. I waited until now because i wanted to finish my studies before embarking on this experience. From that moment until today, I grew a lot personally and professionally, and I think I am ready to enjoy a year in the united states as an au pair. I am totally determined to carry out this new project, to work with you, i love the idea of living in another country, I think it will help me to continue growing as a person, I will also learn another culture, meet new people, new places, and i love working with children.
It is the perfect program at the perfect moment of my life, because i am also taking an english course to certify a level with which i can communicate with you without any problem, i have no partner, i am only 22 years old! I also want to improve my english and maybe take a diploma. When i decided to enroll in the au pair program, i decided on the united states because it is a country that i like, that has a lot of development, moves the world in many aspects such as economic, research and art
Therefore, after hearing about the united states, its culture, i want to choose this country.
About the program, i hope that it meets my expectations to get a valuable experience, travel through the united states, learn about your culture, and make a difference in the lives of your children that i will take care of with a lot of love and to those who will teach you many things, make new friends and improve my english.
i  believe that it is an incredible experience.
From my new family i hope to achieve the confidence that i have with the members of my family, that they can be calm and happy with me. I hope we can have a good time together, be respectful, loving and want to teach and support me in everything.
I have high expectations about next year; i will live in the united states. I really want the time to meet my new family and my new city. In addition, i hope to meet your expectations to also leaving you a trail.
Then i say goodbye, i hope that with this letter you have an idea about me and my life. I hope to see you in a short time.

I hope to hear from you soon. All the best.
Angie mondragón aguja

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