Arailym Amir

Home Country: Kazakhstan
Age: 19
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 5/21/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Amir Arailym. I am 19. I was born in the south of Kazakhstan, but all my life I lived in the capital of the country. At the moment, I am studying at the second year of the Agrotechnical University. You'll probably wonder why I'm applying for an AU PAIR in my second year. Well, I have the answer to that question. Although I’m good at what I’m study now, I would like to change the field of my future career. I want to be a teacher, I want to be around the children. I believe that it is never too late to change something in life and return to roots.
Since 2017, I have been a specialized volunteer in an organization of over 1,000 volunteers. At this point, I decided to open my own organization in the school, which was aimed at teaching children English. The lessons were held in the form of games, dances, and events. (For more details, you can see the Instagram page that was opened in 2018 for our school organization @67englishvolunteers). I worked with children for a year, from 2018 till 2019. I was very interested in communicating, playing, drawing with children, and seeing their eyes full of joy for the new. We gathered in teams even during the summer holidays at school, we held classes in English, as well as played near the school. Moreover, since I was and still am good at mathematics, my friends and I also opened additional volunteer courses in mathematics for children, so that they could easily understand the program in the future because in Kazakhstan the program in mathematics is tremendously difficult. So we played with numbers, watched biographies of different mathematicians, and had picnic days. A lot of photos after graduation were lost, but the memories remained, and I still correspond with the children and their parents.
I also conducted a presentation program on how to work and teach children to other school volunteer organizations, after which I received a certificate on behalf of the school for active participation in the activities of the volunteer organization.
But that's not all I can do, I also looked after the little baby 1-2 years old. While the pandemic was subsiding, I started looking for a job, and I came across an ad for a nanny job from Mr. Almat. I looked after the child, who is one year old, worked for 5 months. During work, I changed diapers, prepared milk, fed and bathed the baby, also monitored the safety of the child, walked with a stroller on the street. I can say that I knew all the basic things about childcare before my work with the baby, because I have a big family.
Furthermore, AU PAIR is a great opportunity to get to know a new culture, customs, food and get to know the country’s little guardians. I am interested in talking, playing, reading with children, cooking our national dishes, and sharing my experience in Kazakhstan. I am sure that I will quickly find a common language with the new generation and understand their language of communication. I hope that I can be helpful to the host family and bring benefits.
(Interesting information) I have 10 nephews and nieces, as well as 2 brothers, who also live in the city of Nur-Sultan. We used to all live in the same house with my grandparents, and when I was 8 years old I began to grow up faster than it was worth for a child, and I looked after the children, and there were many children, but the parents needed to work to provide for the family and move to another house. I can say that I live in the role of a nanny all my conscious age, so I think I quickly find a common language with the child, and I also understand their logic of actions quite well. I do not dispute that the time when there were 5-10 children at home, it was a difficult time for me, but despite this, I took for myself a very important lesson - responsibility and care for the younger ones.
After returning from the USA I want to enter the Faculty of Sociology and Education at the Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan and continue my interests in the field of education and the science of child psychology. Despite all this, I have a big goal - to open a network of kindergartens for children with a focus on English and science, so that children will be ready for school and their brains are trained.

Best regards, Amir Arailym

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