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Aoi Ikeda

Home Country: Japan
Age: 26-years-old
Qualified to care for: Children over the age of 2
Available for 12-Month Extension on: 8/17/20


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host family,

My name is Aoi Ikeda. Please call me Aoi. Nice to meet you

My hobby is traveling around Japan and foreign country and shopping. I'd love to hangout with my friends  on weekends . Recently , I'm crazy about doing Yoga .Actually I go to Yoga class everyday.

I have been to America  4 times before. I went to Arizona, Uta, Colorado, Sedona  where I had wished a long time that I want to go to there .I  enjoyed visiting many national parks by a car which I drove by myself. For example, Grand canyon and Antelope canyon, Bryce canyon, Horseshoe Bend and more. I had an amazing time! The memories makes me happy.

My job in Japan was an elementary school teacher. I have taken charge of regular students from six to seven years old for 2 years (I had taught them from 9 to 10 years old last year). I handled 28 students and taught all subjects. I also taught Physical Education to 10 to 12 years old students three times a month. During their break time, I used to hang out with them within the school vicinity. My students talk about what we ate for breakfast and what play on holidays. They talk to me about every day’s discovery and I’m looking forward to hearing that. It is a life time treasure that my students gave me lots of gifts and letters on my birthday! I am only amazed at the growth of children every day. I love children and I really enjoyed spending time and kept on teaching them. I also worked at a special needs daycare for two months. Currently I go to public elementary school  as a substitute teacher 2.3times a week (sometimes 4times a week) I always think I'm so luckey to have a nice experience in the USA. As an au pair, we draw, do arts and crafts, origami, paper crafts, make dinosaurs by paper/plastic bottles/cans, make seasonal decorations. Make birthday cards and gifts.I can come up with nice idea for play .I also love to cook Japanese food.I sometimes teach and share with host family !

I’m good at playing the piano and sports. As an au pair, I play the piano and assisted kids with singing and dancing. Sometimes I teach ukulele for my younger host kid.

The reason I participated in the Au Pair program was I love children and also I had wished so long time that I would like to lean English and American culture. When I will go back Japan after the program, I want to teach them English. It great to have a job as an Au Pair which I can make use of my teacher’s license in the USA. I want to study English and American fashion.

I'm looking forward to family who live in California.

Thank you for reading my latter! I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.


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