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Leidy Rojas Melgarejo

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 24-years-old
Qualified to care for: Children over the age of 2
Available: 10/18/20

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Letter To My Future Host Family

My name is Leidy Rojas. I am 23 years old and I live in Bogotá, Colombia. Country with an unique natural and gastronomic wealth. I studied International trade at “Politecnico internacional University”, my title is Professional Technician in International Business, a degree that has allowed me to obtain my current job and the quality of life in the multinational cargo logistics service INTERWORLD FREIGHT LTDA. in the commercial department.

My family is made up of five special people, the name of my mother is Aurora Melgarejo, her profession is a housewife and her work has been the best; raising her three children with values and useful resources for society.

My father Carlos Rojas is a farmer dedicated to the countryside and he has instilled in us important values such as honesty and respect for life, with his work he has managed to take his family forward and we owe him everything we are.

My brothers Jaider and Stefany are the best partners I have had and with who I have lived great moments of happiness, moments that have formed a great friendship and have united us as a family for life. I also had the fortune to share with my best friend Thomas, my pet that has been with me since I was 17 and that I have taken care of as a member of the family.

Despite having a good job, stability, opportunities, friends and family in my city, it is still my greatest motivation to travel and be able to live new experiences and grow in intellectually and spiritually.

I know that in life there are difficult situations and that our actions are what identify us as a person, for which I have always believed that we can achieve what we propose with discipline and determination.

With regard to the care of children, I have managed to obtain the trust of the parents who see in me the responsibility and dedication with their beloved ones. Almost always I seek to be a member of the family (something like a sister) I share happy moments and I contribute ideas for their knowledge and integral development, we develop activities with everyone can enjoy and learn at the same time (even doing homework).

I started to taking care of children with my first brother when my mother worked; I enjoyed to share and getting knowledge of how a child is cared for. My first job was taking care of Gabriela the daughter of a neighbor for five years, twice a week making a loving connection with the family. Then I was taking care of Nicol for a year and now I take care of his brother Felipe who is 9 months, on Saturdays for two hours in the afternoon

I would love to have the opportunity to meet you and your family and that you can know me better, to have the pleasure of be part of your family and the best Au Pair with who you have shared, i would love to have the opportunity to take care of your children, providing each other with pleasant experiences and leaving unforgettable traces while i am improving my english.

If you want to know a little more about me, I can tell you that I love listening to music, I'm a fan of cinema and nature. I spend my spare time cooking new recipes and traveling around my country. Volleyball is my passion; other sports such as cycling and swimming too, I also enjoy to share with my family. I have the Latin rhythm, I dance and I know about several genres of music

I am loyal to my friends, I value friendship and I respect my work, because i love what i do and that motivates me to look for better opportunities for my life. Other skills are crafts, I have done graphic design courses and I am very good at create and develop ideas, painting, drawing, building and decorating.

I know there are obstacles in life, but these are the ones that shape us and help us to moving forward, I always keep in mind that union is strength and that teamwork is fundamental to do things in a good way.

I appreciate that you have read my letter, I hope to fulfill your expectations, you will not regret your choice.

See you soon.

Leidy Rojas

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