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Yuriko Yamaguchi

Home Country: Japan
Age: 24-years-old
Qualified to care for: Children of All Ages
Available: 9/8/20


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family,

Hello, I’m Yuriko Yamaguchi, 23 years old. My home town is Okayama prefecture and now I live in Tokyo. My family members are my father, my mother and my older sister. My father is very kind and good at cooking. My mother works at a nursery school as a director, she is a very hard worker. Then, my older sister is very good at cooking. She often bakes some very delicious bread. I like watching movies. “The Devil Wears PRADA” and “The Blind Side” are my favorite movies. I work at Orangetheory Fitness Azabujuban as a sales associate. I started working there since before they opened the studio, so I love my studio, coworkers and members. I’m very outgoing, and I like talking to a lot of people. When I studied English in the U.S, my teacher gave me an English name, “JOY”. She said, “you look always happy and enjoy the time, so this name is good for you.” I am proud of this name.

Next, I talk about my reasons why I want to be an Aupair. Firstly, I like children. When I was young, I often went to my mother’s nursery school as a volunteer. Then, when I was an elementary school student, I got twin cousins. I often went to their house to take care of them. When I was a high school student, I taught Japanese, Math and English for junior high school students at a private night school. Then, I have worked at a nursery school as a volunteer for one and a half months. I enjoyed every day, every time and every moment that I spent with children. Then, now I work at after school center. Elementary school students come to center after school, I play with them and I teach their homework. Secondly, I want to know differences of cultures, ways of thinking and more in Japan and the U.S. I studied international studies at the university. I’m very interested in differences in the world.

Lastly, I want to be an Aupair like an older sister and like a friend for children. When I was young, I often felt lonely because, my mother was very busy. So, I want to spend time with children so that they don’t feel lonely. And, if children are young, I want to read a lot of books for them. Reading books is a very good way for them to study words, how to talk and how to communicate. Then, I’m a Japanese, so I want to teach them Japanese games. I want to enjoy “origami” and “darumasan-ga-koronda” with them.

I think, I’m a person who can enjoy the days and works. So, I can be an enjoyable Aupair for your children and your family. Thank you,

Yuriko Yamaguchi

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