Aya Yamanaka

Home Country: Japan
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately


Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear my host family

Hello, nice to see you.
My name is Aya Yamanaka. I am 24 years old, I have been working in kindergarten as a teacher for 3 and half years.
I majored in child education at junior college, for 2 years, and qualified as a nursery teacher and kindergarten teacher.
I love working with my students and I enjoy working in kindergarten every day.I know that it’s not easy to take care of children, but I am most happiest thing to feel the growth of my students!

For 3 years, as a kindergarten class teacher, I cared for and educated 20 students 3 year olds and four years old , It was very hard to take care of many children in the same time but when I saw them growing up little by little every day, I was moved and I thought I wanted to come into contact with more children.
There were also foreign students in the kindergarten where I worked. However, the differences in language and culture confused each other and put a lot of strain on the student.That's why I want to learn about foreign culture and improve my English skills.
Moreover, I know that there are many parents in the world who feel burdened by both work and parenting. So I want to be of some help to someone.

I think USA is the largest and most famous country in the world and the best place to study culture and language. I have learned a little about early childhood education in USA, and there are many things that Japanese people want to learn from, such as the way they think about disabled children and the school system, so I wanted to experience child care in USA.

If I become your au pair, I would like to actively take care of your children until the end of the year and watch them grow with you. And I want to grow up with your children.
When I work as an au pair, I want to be close to your children's feelings and respect their opinions. At the same time, I want to tell them good and bad things as a discipline. I have a lot of techniques how to tell something for children, for instance, sometimes I use puppets, like a teddy bears. Puppets make it easier for children to understand and accept things. I have many other techniques.
And I like singing and playing piano .So I’d like to enjoy it with them! In addition to I am good at making Origami and crafts! I can tell how to make it and use scissors, paste whatnot!

In USA, I want to improve my English skills by talking to my friends and you. Also, I want to visit world heritage sites and famous tourist spots and experience American culture.
To be honest, I can't speak English fluently yet. However, I want to keep studying and make an effort every day. I may cause you trouble, but I hope to build a good relationship with a wonderful host family.

Thank you for reading .

Aya Yamanaka

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