Laura Cardona Garcia

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 25-years-old
Qualified to care for: Children of all ages
Available: 9/3/21

My Video

Letter To My Future Host Family

 Hi Dear Host family !!
This is me, Laura, I'm 24 y.o,  I'm gonna be 25 on December 31st, I'm so excited!! , my birthday is coming along with the new year.
I'm from an amazing and beautiful country Colombia, I was born in a nice city that is call Pereira. I'm a registered nurse, I studied child nutrition as a compliment, and  I’m still studying French, I'm in love with the French accent.
I worked in another city far from home in child hospitalization, in that city I lived alone for 9 months, the favorite thing from my job was to help the kids and others.
I love being a loving, helpful, responsible, and fun person
I also was an art kids teacher, I loved to find and share kids talent.
I lived with my mother and my sister big part of my life, but I left home when I was 17 y.o, that's why I consider myself an independent person, of course, I love my family, I have good memories with them, but I think to leave home it's gonna help you to grow up in aspects that you never thought, I went to France and Spain for three months before being an au pair, and I think that experience made me grow up and learn how never happen before.
I love to watch movies with a bowl of popcorn, and also make fruit bowls for breakfast, I enjoy cook desserts( I used to do that with my sister a lot )
I have two pets at home, Martin and Milo, Martin is a big, white dog like the snow…. is a big snowball, Milo is a small and adorable cat but is very braggart, They are the perfect couple, they love each other but also they annoy each other, their relationship is pretty funny.
I'm a big fan of light colors, those make me feel calm, I like to draw, paint and do art, elephants are my favorites, they are wise, strong, loving, patient and they have an incredible memory.
One of my favorite things is to read and write my emotions and turn these into good texts; since I'm an au pair I don't work out pretty much, but I love to do that, I wish I can come back to the gym soon.
I love to go camping, see nature, animals, and do bonfires, I like to know new places.
As an au pair, I have had incredible experiences and also moments when for the first time I miss home, but nothing compares to the incredible person that I have become and how much I enjoy being with the kids.
I wanna be a guide for them be and teach them to be friendly, loving, and funny, I like to share my culture and languages with them, improve my English is still one of my goals, I would like to share good times with you.
You can wait for the best of me.
with love Laura.

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