Have you always wanted to wander the romantic streets of Paris, trek through the rugged Outback, or explore the rich culture of Spain? Au Pair International’s Au Pair Abroad program offers an exciting opportunity for U.S. applicants to live abroad with a host family, while being an au pair to their child(ren). 

The word “au pair” is derived from the French term meaning “on par” or “equal”. As an au pair, you will live with a host family abroad and provide live-in childcare. Aside from your duties around the house, you will have the opportunity to take classes, make new friends, and travel around a new and exciting country.

The Services We Provide


Our team will guide you through completing your application, interviewing with host families, applying for a visa, and finding insurance.

Ongoing Support

We are here to support you on your adventure! Our staff is available to assist you before, during, and after your program term.

Trusted Experience

Participants are housed in a safe home with a private room, weekly stipend, meals, and the opportunity to participate in the traditions of another culture.

Local Contact

Upon arrival to your host home, a local coordinator will be available to support participants and organize social gatherings with other au pairs.

Why Become An Au Pair Abroad?

Participants are placed with a thoroughly vetted host family, eager to welcome an au pair into their home for a mutually beneficial cultural exchange. In addition to assisting the family with their childcare needs, you will become a member of the family by assisting with household responsibilities, sharing in meals, and participating in their customs and traditions.

Many of our au pairs form special bonds with their host families, often reuniting with each other long after their program has ended.

Immersing yourself in another culture opens up new and exciting opportunities to understand a language in ways no classroom can teach. Au pairs abroad go beyond learning basic grammar to conversing in real-life scenarios that require mental flexibility, non-verbal problem-solving skills, and advanced critical thinking.

In addition to the extensive language practice you will get in your day-to-day life, being an au pair abroad will give you the opportunity to learn the essence of that culture through their customs and traditions.

As an exchange participant, you will have the unique opportunity to visit world-famous destinations and attractions first-hand. While technology allows us to explore our world through photographs, video, and virtual reality, nothing compares to the awe-inspiring emotion one gets from personal experience.

A mere photograph cannot convey the beauty of seeing Paris from the Eifel Tower at night, the humbling nature of the Colleseum, or the intricacies of each carved statue in the Trevi Fountain.  

Lifelong friendships are often cultivated while having the experience of a lifetime! Your exchange term will be filled with opportunities to meet a wide range of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Whether attending group activities with other au pair participants or meeting up for language study sessions, the connections you make abroad will be instrumental in your personal and professional life for years to come.

Through language and cultural immersion, our participants reap the benefits of experiencing life from a new perspective. Living abroad gives au pairs a greater respect for different cultures, customs and traditions, and an openness to meet new people.

Upon returning home from your exchange experience, you will truly understand what it means to be a global citizen, having explored the wider world and finding your place in it.

Becoming an au pair abroad has the added benefit of boosting your employability in an increasingly globalized world. As more employers are seeking professionals with international experience, your exchange term will better prepare you for a competitive job market.

In addition to learning a second language, exchange participants demonstrate the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations and handle problems with greater ease. Having a better understanding of different cultures is also a highly sought-after trait, especially in international companies.

Program Opportunities By Country

The requirements to be an au pair abroad vary by country. Please visit the links below to learn more about the exciting au pair opportunities we have in partnering countries:


Program Duration

6-12 Months


Program Duration

12 Months


Program Duration

6-12 Months


Program Duration

1-3 Months or 6-12 Months

New Zealand

Program Duration

6-12 Months


Program Duration

1-3 Months or 6-12 Months

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