Becoming a host family to an au pair is so much more than just choosing a flexible childcare option. Hosting an au pair provides your family with the opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages, and the lifestyle of young adults from around the world. It is a chance for you as parents/guardians to have extra help, while keeping your children in the safety and comfort of your own home. Some other great benefits of being a host family include:
Affordable Live-In Childcare

  • An affordable childcare solution where the fees remain the same regardless of how many children are in your family.
  • One-on-one childcare in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Au pairs establish or maintain a structured and routine environment.
  • Please see our Program Costs and Discounts for details.

Consistency of Care

  • The ability to maintain a consistent and familiar at-home care environment for your children. This is great for children who do best with structure or routine!
  • Do you have a special needs child? Children with special needs benefit from one-on-one interaction and focused attention. We have au pairs that have special needs experience; just ask our placement coordinators!

Extra Set of Hands

  • Having an extra set of hands around the house to assist with childcare related housework and daily routines. Childcare related chores such as laundry, cleaning, preparing meals, and snacks take a great deal of time for parents. Our au pairs assist with these chores, allowing our host families to spend more quality time with their children and spouses.
  • Hosting an au pair, allows your family to gain a new and valuable family member.
  • Many of our au pair candidates have a driver’s license and will be able to assist in transporting your children to school and other daily activities.
  • Do your children need help with homework assignments or other school projects? Our au pairs LOVE to help with homework, and in fact, many of them are university graduates or teachers! Also, most plan to use their experience in the au pair program to further their education and benefit their future careers!


  • Flexible, affordable, and consistent in-home childcare to give you peace of mind.
  • Unlike most childcare options that require families to adhere to stringent schedules and hours, the au pair program offers a flexible schedule set by the host family, based on individual needs and requirements.
  • Arrange childcare according to your schedule and not that of a daycare.
  • Flexible arrival dates to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • If there is bad weather (snow days), the daycare is closed, or if one of the children is sick, having an au pair allows you to still be able to work, knowing your kid is at home, safe and sound. This keeps the children happy, and reduces your financial stress by not having to take unnecessary time off!

Health and Well-Being of Your Family

  • Less illness from children being exposed to germs at daycare facilities.
  • Staying home with sick children could lead to increased healthcare costs and time missed from work.
  • Provides another adult role-model in the home for single parents or those whose spouse travels frequently for business or military. (Are you a military family? You qualify for discounts!)
  • More quality time spent with family.

Cultural Exchange

  • The invaluable ability to expose your family to another language and culture, or to expose children to their native culture and language in the case of adoption, etc. Au pair childcare is unquestionably the best option for broadening your child’s horizons and ability to learn and understand new languages.
  • Gaining another valued family member that your children will come to regard as a big sister or brother.
  • Many of our host families maintain connection and lasting bonds with their au pairs long after they have departed!

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