Brenda Scotta

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear family, My name is Brenda and my surname is Scotta. I am 22 years old. I am from Argentina. I live in a small town called Correa. It is quiet and nice. The people here are very friendly. My hometown is quite cozy. It has some parks and squares. There is a church, a library, a museum, a police station and a fire station. There are also schools, banks, shops, sports centers, bars and restaurants. It is always busy on the weekends. According to the schools, Correa has a kindergarten, three primary schools and two secondary schools.
I have a big family. My mother is Silvina. She is 49 years old and is a housewife. My father is Marcelo. He is 51 years old and works as a truck driver. He travels a lot during the week. I have a brother and a sister. My brother is Rodrigo. He is 26 years old. He works in his own garage as a mechanic. Rodrigo has two children: Milo and Felipe. They are lovely!!! They are very little boys. My sister is called Celina. She is 16 years old and she is a student at our local high school. She is in fourth year.
I am a very simple and friendly person. I am calm and cheerful. I love being with children, playing with them and having fun. I am passionate about every activity I do, that is why I am very responsible. I am neat and neat. I always like to be on time. I enjoy meeting friends and people. I am quite sociable. I like doing sports, walking, riding mu bike and being outdoors. I also like listening to music. I am very good at doing housework. I love cooking with my family. I have many friends, so I enjoy meeting them, drinking mate and talking about our lives. In my free time I always read a lot, I use my computer or my mobile phone, I watch movies or football games on television and I usually play with my pets. I have many pets at home: three dogs and three cats. I really love them! On weekends I usually go out with friends. We go to pubs, concerts, the cinema, the mall or a restaurant.
When I was attending school in 2014, I got a part-time job as a nanny in the afternoons. That was during the last two years of my high school. I really enjoyed that job because I looked after little children and I also earned my own pocket money.
As a nanny, I took care of Delfina, Joaquín, Micael and Carmelo. Delfina and Joaquín were siblings. They were 7 and 4 years old, Micael was an only child, he was 5 years old and Carmelo took care of him since he was three months old: now he is 1 and a half, he is very sweet! The work was not difficult. I was happy with the children and also with their families. Try to leave my footprints on the children and make them good people today.
First of all, I worked in the house of María José and Alejandro. There, I was in charged of Delfina and Joaquín when their parents were working. I always took the kids to after-school activities like acrobacy and English lessons. After that, I helped them with their homework, made tea, read together, told stories, made crafts, drew, played games indoors and outdoors, helped them bathe and dress, combed their hair, and usually washed their clothes. We had great fun! I worked with this family for 3 years and I was really happy and so were they with me.
After that, in 2017, I started again as a nanny at Marisol's house. Here, I took care of Micael. Every day, I took Micael to pre - primary school. When school finished, I took him back home. We played games inside, such as blocks, cars, we read, we drew and we made art! Sometimes we would go to the park to walk or ride a bike. Micael liked stories, so I told him a short story every afternoon. We had tea together and always watched cartoons on television when he finished his homework.
I currently have two jobs: I am a part-time nanny and some days I am employed in a perfume and gift shop. As a babysitter I take care of Carmelo. He is a year and a few months old. He is a very nice baby and I love being with him. He is sweet and when he sees me coming he smiles a lot! I have been with him since he is 3 months old. I already had experience in taking care of babies because I also take care of my nephew since he was born. I used to sing songs to Carmelo when he was a baby so that he would sleep and we also discovered new things: like his hands or his feet. I prepared his bottles and a few months later, his meals. I am very happy because I saw his first steps and that made me feel fulfilled. Now, we like to walk and greet the neighbors, have ice cream and kick the soccer ball. I also stimulate their senses, such as smell and taste, for example with the meals I prepare. He ate with his hands manipulating the food and I let him know the smell. Also, Carmelo loves to talk so I am helping him with speech stimulation as well. He loves music too, and so do I! So we are happy to be together! We had a great time and I love being with him!
My job as a nanny was and is fantastic. I really enjoy spending time with the children and I know that they are happy with me too. My nephews are 9 and 3 years old so I have experience in their care and in how to be with them in their different ages. I consider myself a patient and responsible person and I think that is important when it comes to being with children. I enjoy in each experience the love and respect that each child and her family have for me. Being comfortable in your workplace makes everything easier, I think.
Now, I am fully determined to fulfill the dream of my life. I love the idea of living in another country because I think this is going to help me continue growing as a person. I have taken the decision to join this Au Pair Program because I really love the idea of working with children, learning another culture, improving my English, meeting new people and knowing new places. I am eager to spread my wings and fly. I am really convinced that this is the perfect moment to do it! Doing what I really love and helping others… is a dream for me!
I hope this letter can give you an idea about me and my life here in Argentina. I am looking forward to hearing from you son…
All the best!
Brenda Belén Scotta

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