Brisa H.

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 06/14/2023 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hi Family! My name is Brisa Host , I’m 24yo and I am From Argentina and I’m currently living in Alaska, I’m taking care of 3 kids (5yo, 3yo and 11 months) I define myself as a responsible, friendly, reliable, patient, empathetic and passionate in what I do. I enjoy playing some sport for fun with my friends as hiking, walking, swimming, being outdoors contemplating the beauty of nature, I like to pass great moment with my family or friends, go out to dinner , go to dance, I’m a Makeup artist so I like to practice new makeup all time (or when I have time), also I like to watch series and movies at home. I have a large family ( we are 20 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren in total!) . Regarding my work experience with children , I worked with Kiara in 2013, 2014 and 2015. I was take care of her many times, and then I started to take care of her daily when her mom went back to school , since she was very young and needed to finish school. My activities were, feeding her, changing diapers, potty training, We played outside and inside the house! We liked to play supermarket saleswomen, jump rope, hide and seek, skate ( She use to skate),play acting, she always liked to play all the games related to buy and selling to the shop, considering we spent a lot of time together and We were both small girls, We practically grew up together that is why I accompanied her in the most of her changes and growth. I was working Monday to Friday around 7 hours per day. I stopped to taking care of Kiara in the end of 2015, because in 2016 I had to finish my high school studies and I had to focus on it, I also had plans for graduation, the graduation trip, the party and the high School diploma. I graduated from high School and I signed up at college but I didn’t finish it, so I started to work in October with Lorenzo to November when he was just 2 years old, since his mother had to work, my activities with him were: waking him up early, we had breakfast, we ate together, we played different games ( Lorenzo is really active) like jumping rope, hide and seek , playing puzzles, building castles with blocks, houses with pillows , after hours of playing I use to put him to bed for a nap so when his mom came home they could play together!. In January 2018 I started working in a Resto Bar in Moreno, It was my first official job outside of work as a babysitter, which I had to resign in January 2019, but I went back to work taking care of Lorenzo until May of that same years when I got I work in the bakery which I am currently working part time, sometimes I take care of other children (My Cousin’s son , My Friend’s son) when I’m not working in the afternoon or in the morning!. Since I was always surrounded by children, every once in a while I had to stay at the house of a cousin or aunt to take care of their children (my cousins or nephews), that is why for me childcare is more than just a job opportunity, but rather an opportunity to grow and see someone grow who becomes a future adults step by step thanks for your help ( my help in my case), it’s not only happens with them but also with my brothers since I’m the sister eldest, it fill me with pride to see that my brothers become great people, good at heart with great values, respectful and affectionate, and I help in that process!. I am a strong person who has no fear, I am a companion, sensitive and empathetic in the face of adverse situations that my arise, I am kind, loving and respectful with people who are also with me, I have values and principles, which were instilled by my parents since always, value the effort of another person, always remembering three words that help us to have a good coexistence with others: PERMISSION, PLEASE and THANK YOU. All these are some of the qualities that define and represent me , which help me to form good emotional relationships (with family and friends) and at work. Likewise, this help me to establish a good relationship with the children and their parents, forming a great affective bond , generating in them confidence to accompany them with responsibility and mutual respect. I would like to accompany the children as my parents accompanied me , giving them my knowledge and exchanging thoughts, this would benefit both them and me to be able to know much more about each other, knowing their history, customs, their way of life, as well as sharing my customs, teaching them my language, my native games, giving them my time to create, play, explore new beginnings, without neglecting the moments of fun, laughter and lots of love which I wish to be the best times shared, likewise without leaving behind responsibilities, respect and mutual care. I wish that We can form a family full of these qualities, learning and new emotions , always sharing this experience. Thus, in this way, accompany the children together in their cognitive development, betting on the ability to build their own knowledge(regardless of their age). When I met the Au Pair program I was looking for another program but the Au Pair program was better for me because I felt it warmer than other, and besides I have the enough experience taking care of children , I have the ability of adapted to every space and place. From that time until today I grew a lot personally and professionally, and I think I’m ready to enjoy a year in USA as an au pair. I am fully determined to fulfill my dreams , I love the idea of living in another country, I think it’s going to help me continue to grow as a person, I will also learn another culture, I will travel to another (and others) country (countries), meet new people, new places, and I love working with children think it’s the perfect program at the perfect time in my life, because I’m really mature, I don’t have a couple, I have just 23 years old and I eager to spread my wings and fly! I also want to improve my English and learn another language, out of the routine that I have today and do something different. That would be a great opportunity to do an adventure in another country in a family environment, which I really value. I’m very exited about this opportunity, I would love to become part of your family. I know this program offers me new knowledge, the opportunity to reinvent and learn more about myself ,learning to be alone without my family. I have high expectations about the year ahead I’ll live in USA. I really want the time comes to meet my new family and my new city. And I hope to meet your expectations for also leave you a trace and be remembered as a good au pair who was part of their lives. So I say goodbye, I hope that with this letter you may have an idea about me and my life. Perhaps we’ll meet in a short time. Thanks for reading my letter and I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best.

Brisa Host

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