Camila Alzorriz

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 24
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello there!
My name is Camila Alzorriz, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Argentina. l live in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires also known as ‘the capital of Basketball’ and it is 700km away from Buenos Aires city. Bahía Blanca is a small city in the south of Buenos Aires Province and something very characteristic of this city is that the weather is always windy. Bahía has a very good location because it’s near the beach and also the mountains you just have to drive 1 hour to go to these places. Here is very common to go and spend a day (Sundays mostly) in the nature.
My family is a single-parent one. I live with my mom and my dog Leo. My mom has recently got divorced and I don’t have any brothers or sisters so we are living together just the two of us. We have lived in Bahía Blanca for almost 14 years and before that we lived in a small town called Mr. Buratovich which is 100 km away from Bahía Blanca, in this town lives almost all my family so sometimes we go there to visit them.
My mom’s name is Ana Cecilia and she is 43 years old, she is a radiologist and she works in a hospital called Hospital Municipal here in Bahía Blanca, last year she has divorced after six years of marriage so now we are living alone just the two of us. I have a very good relationship with the rest of my family and everytime I have the chance, I go to Mr. Buratovich to visit them.
My family isn’t very big, I have 2 aunts and 3 uncles and all of them have children so I have 7 cousins and 6 of them are girls. I have a very good relationship with every one of them and I like a lot go to visit them whenever I can.
I consider myself as curious, easy-going and talkative person. I like a lot animals, in fact, I’m vegetarian since 6 years ago and I would like to be vegan in the future. I have 2 pets, one of them is Leo, he is a 7 years old dog and I also have a rabbit, Simón and he is 3 years old. I enjoy a lot going outside and bring my pets with me, when I go out with Simón, people go crazy and all the kids come where we are and pet him, of course Simón feels like he is in heaven because he is very cuddly. I usually go the park with my friends to hang out, drink mates and chat while my pets are playing around us.
Before the pandemic I was working as a waitress in a restaurant, but because of the this my job got closed and now I’m working as a cashier in a food shop. I’m also studying one language on my own; It is Japanese
so I spend part of my free time doing it. I like to stay at home as much I like to go outside. When I’m home I like to watch movies, TV shows, anime and documentaries, also I like read a lot, I read too many different things like, comics, manga, webtoons, and a lot of different kind of books. On the other hand, when I go outside I like to visit my friends and go somewhere to have teatime or we just stay at my friend’s house hanging out.
Other thing that I like is music, I listen all kind of music and I’m always looking for new types to listen. When I was a teenager I studied music in a Conservatory of Music during two years and I also know play the guitar and the bass (although I don’t remember much how to play the bass). Besides music I made some sports like hockey, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball, the last one is my favorite and I enjoy it very much.
As for my studies, I finished high school in 2014 and in 2015 I moved away to other city called La Plata to study Astronomy. While I was studying astronomy I also learned a lot about satellites, telescopes, stars and the sky in general. Then, in 2017 I left this career because I realized that I liked astronomy just as a hobby and that I wanted to study other thing so I returned to Bahía Blanca and started to work and also I started to study crime scene and I get graduated in February of 2020. I also studied English for ten years in an academy, since I was 7 years old to 17 years old. I like a lot learn new languages and cultures, now I’m studying Japanese on my own and in the future when I have learned this one properly I would like to learn some other different.
When I moved to La Plata that was the first time that I lived alone and far away from my family and friends, La Plata is 700km away from Bahía Blanca and it is a city that has a lot of careers to study so there are students from all the country and from all Latin America. I didn’t really lived alone because I lived in a pension that is a place where a lot of students live instead of renting an apartment. I lived in two of them, in the first one I lived together with 13 girls and in the second I lived together with 22 girls which 7 of them were foreigners. In that time I learn a lot of things like cooking, cleaning, do laundry, be tidier and organized, be careful with the money and of course I learned to be the most patient person in the world since it isn’t easy to live in the same house with other 22 people.
I lived in La Plata for two years and then I came back to Bahía Blanca and I started to work in McDonald’s and also I started to study Crime
Scene. I worked in McDonald’s for two and a half years, it was my second job and I worked in the part of customer service as a cashier and I also had to clean the lobby sometimes. I liked work as a cashier because it was really funny and adorable talk with the kids and see how happy they were when you gave them a toy or just for being in that place that they knew they can play some games and have a delicious meal. I also worked in the kitchen but I don’t have much to say besides I had a great relationship with my coworkers and some of them were (still are) my friends too.
While I was working here I rent an apartment and that’s when I really learn how to live all by myself, I learned all kind of things like pay bills, take care of the food, not spend money in things that I don’t really need and more. I also had to study so I learned to be more organized to have time to study, work and also have social life. I lived alone for one year and then I went back to my home.
Besides these three jobs I also was a nanny of four children. One of them was Bruno; I took care of him for one month when he was one and a half year. I had to take care of him all the mornings from Monday to Friday around 5 hours per day. My routine with Bruno started with wearing him with clothes and then giving him breakfast that was a bottle of milk with a cookie or bread, then we played with toys, cars, ballons, sometimes I put music and we danced or just watched cartoons. He had to take a nap in the middle of the morning so I used to hammock him in my arms until he fell asleep or maybe if the weather wasn’t too cold (it was winter) I took him outside to take a walk with him inside the baby carriage and we walked until he fall asleep. He could sleep just an hour or an hour and a half. Then, when he woke up I had to hug him and pamper him for a while because he was very cuddly when he was recently woke up, then when he was all awake I used to change his diaper and we started to play again. Sometimes his grandparents went to visit him so when he woke up from the nap the stayed a bit with them and I took advantage to make his lunch but when they weren’t there I used to do it while Bruno was sleeping or watching TV or playing alone with any toy near to me. His meals were really easy to cook so I could watch him with while I was cooking. Also he was learning to walk so we used to practice it a lot until he could do it by himself. That was a really beautiful experience because I could participate of a very important part of his life.
The other experience is with a girl called Maite; I took care of her since she was 6 months until she turned 6 years old. I started to take care of
her when I was in high school and I took her for two years (she was 6 months to two and a half years old) and then when I came back from La Plata I started to take care of her again for other two years (she was 4 years old to her 6 and half years old). When Maite was a baby (from 6 months to two and a half years) my job was the same as with Bruno. When she was just months she spend most of the time sleeping, but when she was awake I feed her, I used to speak to her and I also tried to make her laugh and if I had to change her the diaper I tried to do it in this time. When she grew up a little (from 1 and a half year to 2 and a half year) she started to learn to walk so I also helped her and we also used to played more time because she didn’t sleep as much as when she was younger and she didn’t has to take a nap if she didn’t want to. So, we played with her toys, she liked a lot to play with kitchen toys, she had a fake mate and she always was fattening mates (I don’t know how to say it in English I hope it’d be right, I used google translate to write it, sorry) and I had to drink it and also she cooked whatever you asked her to eat while you were drinking her mates. She liked go outside so we used to go to the park very often and she play a lot in there. I also had to fed Maite, when she was a little baby I fed her with a spoon or I cut the food in little pieces and let her eat at her time, when she get older she started to eat with a fork so I just was there with her and I had to pay attention if she needed help or something. In this time I had to change her diapers too, but it was easily because if you asked her if she needed a diaper change she told you if yes or not.
When she was going to the kindergarten (4 to 5 years old) my job was feed her, make her to take a nap, and play with her. Sometimes I had to take/pick up her from kindergarten and when we arrived to her home I had to make lunch for her (sometimes she helped me) and then make her to take a nap. She liked a lot to learn new things so I gave her as a gift a book to learn how to write the letters, so sometimes she made stuff from that book and I had to check if it was right or not. She also liked make handicraft so we spend a lot of time drawing and doing this kind of stuff. She also liked dancing a lot (in fact now she is going to a dance academy) so when she was with me she showed me the choreography she invented when I wasn’t there. She lives near the park so we used to go there sometimes to play in the park’s games or we went there and she ride her bike for a while. Maite liked a lot cooking so sometimes we made cakes for the tea time and other times she helped me to make the meal. She wasn’t a trouble kid so I didn’t have any problem taking care of her, sometimes she got mad because I didn’t let her watch TV but that’s all.
Sometimes I had to help her with the bathing time washing her hair and then dried her and also I had to give her clothes so she could put it on.
The times that I had to take Maite to the kindergarten I had to wake her up, brush her hair, dress her, wash her teeth and make her breakfast and then take her there.
My last experience being a nanny is with two brothers, Juan who is 2 years old and Ciro who is 7 years old. I started to take care of them since February of this year but I don’t go every week I go just when their parents need me. Juan is a very happy baby who likes a lot to speak. He is learning to speak so sometimes he speaks to me in his own language and I find it very funny and lovely because somehow you can understand what he is saying. Ciro is a very quiet boy and he likes a lot to play computer games and play with cars and make car races. Ciro goes to school so sometimes he is not there when I go to take care of them so I’m just with Juan. My routine with them is very easy since I go after lunch until 5pm so I don’t have to prepare lunch or dinner for them. If Ciro is hungry he tells me what he wants to eat and I just prepare it. And When I ask Juan if he is hungry he likes to eat yogurt with cereals or just a bottle of milk. Change Juan’s diapers is part of my routine but most of the times his parents change it before I go so I don’t have to be pending on that too much. Sometimes if Juan wakes up too early in the morning I have to make him take a nap so when I see that he is touching his eyes too much or I notice that he is sleepy I prepare a bottle of milk and I take him to his bed and then he stays there on his own since he is used to do that. He also likes to fall asleep watching TV programs so I put some baby program where the characters sing softly until he falls asleep and then I take him to his bed. When Ciro is at home he likes to play with Juan so we can play the three of us together and sometimes we can go to the garden and play there too. Ciro do sports and he likes to tell me about it and also he always tell me his routine or things he is going to do on that day or that week so we always chat a lot.
I also had two more experiences but I don’t count them as childcare job because it was just a few times. I took care of two siblings that also are my cousins, Juliana who was 12 years old and Santiago who was 6 years old. I took care of them a few times and I didn’t have much problem because, although they didn’t get well between them, they were very good with me and they didn’t misbehave at any time. The two times I took care of them we play board games or videogames, we played football with Santiago and with Juli we made some handicraft, she liked a lot
make hand-made jewelry so we used to spend a lot of time on it. We had tea time so I had to prepear it and Juli always helped me, also she liked to cook a lot so she always prepeared deliciuos cakes or cookies to eat in the tea time. I took care of them just a few times but the routine was always the same.
The other experience is taking care of other of my cousins for a couple of hours. She is Agostina and I took care of her in different situations and my activities were the same as with Bruno and Maite. I had to prepare her lunch/dinner and feed her, play with her, make her sleep and change her diapers. I have 2 more cousins who are Isabella (6years old) and Catalina (2 years old) and sometimes I had to take care of the three of them so we play the 4 of us together or they play and watched if everything was okay.
I have a lot of experience with kids under 6 years old, but I have a good relationship with kids from all ages and I usually get along very well with them.
The reason why I choose the au pair program is because one of my dreams is travel around the world and has the opportunity to know other cultures, languages and costumes. I'm really attracted to America because mostly of the things that I like, like music, movies, books and art are form here so I’m really interested in your country. Also other reason why I choose the au pair program is because I enjoy a lot being surrounded by kids, and if I have the chance to do something that I like this much as a job I would like to take the chance.
Well, this is the ending of my letter. I hope you didn’t get bored and that with this letter you may have an idea about me and my life.
I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes,
Camila Alzorriz

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