Candela Lopez Bisceglia

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 21
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/30/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello dear future host family!

My name is Candela Jazmín López Bisceglia, but that's too much, so my mom decided to give me my nickname Lula, so feel comfortable calling me that, I'm 21 years old and I'm from a beautiful little town called Salta in Northern Argentina!

I must confess that I feel a little sad writing this letter since I will leave Salt Lake City, leaving here many friends, memories and my great host family, but I feel like I am ready and it's time to leave. At the same time I am happy and excited to meet you and share time with your family and create new moments, I would love to be able to take with me beautiful memories before I go home.

So welcome to this little introduction of me (I hope you don't get bored!).

Let me tell you that I am a very active, adventurous, honest, fun, easy to talk and above all very transparent person, I look for the same when working together, there is nothing more important to me than honesty and respect, both for the space and time of others. In my free time I really like to be outside, whether walking, drinking Mate in a park, hiking, getting to know new places, making new friends, taking pictures, even though being honest I also need days just to be in bed watching movies, I love action movies by the way.

Let me tell you quickly how my connection with the children began! After finishing high school, I studied a certification as a kindergarten teacher assistant. And yes, that time of study and practice has taught me too much about techniques and so on, but nothing has taught me as much as this program.

On July will be 1 year and 2 months since I started this experience, it has changed me and it has made me stronger and more mature for my future goals. My host family and I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have taught so many things that I will never forget. I was able to learn with them to be part of a team that actively works to have a healthy coexistence and find the best ways to guide the children. I realized how love, patience and respect can change children's lives and impact them in a very good way. In addition, I was able to improve my English, that was one of the main reasons why I came here. I learned and put myself in situations where I had to learn patience and be a problem solver. I would love to apply everything I have learned and for you to teach me new things too!

During these 6 months that I have left, I would love to get to know new places and continue to be a support for you and your family.

I would love to hear from you soon.

Candela (Lula)

Hi family! First of all, I am very excited that you know me, it really seems very crazy to be writing this to my future host family, I hope you enjoy meeting me! My name is Candela, I am 19 years old and I am from Argentina. I was born in the capital of Salta province which is located in the north of my country. This small city is pretty much chosen by foreigners, mostly Europeans, who want to vacation in quiet places with beautiful landscapes and taste good wines. During summer my town is quite humid and hot, in fact, it reaches 36.9 ° C, by the way in Salta has not snowed for a decade! But it does not mean that tourists do not come to visit us. My family is composed by my mother Noemi (54) and four sisters Camila (22) Paula (25), Sol (30), Andrea (33) and their children Dulce (15) and Francisco (4). One of my sisters Camila was born with non-evolutionary maturation and cerebral palsy on the left side, learned to walk at age 4 and then at age 5 she was diagnosed with refractory epilepsy. we have always taken care of her and we have never had a therapeutic partner or something similar, for me she is like my younger sister, due to her illness I have learned something new every day, , like funny words that she invents . My family and I have gone through painful moments that have left us a lot of teachings including always moving on or in other cases how to deal with epileptic crisis, bumps or even cuts that she does herself .Having a sister like Cami has exposed me to many adversities since I was a child. As a consequence I had to mature as fast as I could to accompany my family in all this. We love Camila, I don't know what we would do without her, she is very important to my heart. Currently, she is attending to a therapeutic rehabilitation center, where she goes very well and learns many things little by little. In 2015 my sister Andrea and her husband, who live in Santa cruz Perito Moreno, came to Salta because a new baby was coming, Francisco. He changed our lives since he was the first male baby of our family. He came to fill us with happiness after 11 years, so it was a extraordinary experience. We are a family of 6 women so imagine how spoiled he was. He was my treasure and so for the first 3 months I took care with lot of love without knowing the real world of babies. As a consequence I learned everything with him and I say with him because we grew up together , he as a little boy an d me as a teenager. During that process I changed his diaper and so on, but unfortunately they had to return to their town. In 2017 I moved to Perito Moreno, a small town in the south of Santa Cruz, Argentina. I lived with one of my sisters, Sol. I had a great time there because I learned a lot about myself, such as how independent I am. Apart from that, I have to say that Perito Moreno is such a beautiful town of about 6,000 inhabitants, where southern nature abounds, dry and cold weather throughout the year, in winter they become temperatures of -15 ° C. in Santa Cruz it snows too much, and I would say that the snowfall can begin from May and last until August, this is a climate that I enjoy very much, I loved living in that town, the quiet environment, few people, a lot of countryside and animals, in that place I discovered my love for nature that I had never experienced , I also practiced hiking during high school, I swam in very cold waters, climbed giant rocks with harnesses. In short, I met very beautiful places and stunning landscapes. I also knew what it really was to be alone since I lived only with my sister Sol and she worked all day. So I spent so much time reading alone in my bedroom or sometimes i went to my other sister's house to be with my nephew and niece. Then, in early 2018, during my stay in the south, my sister closed her women's clothing store where she worked and also ran out of babysitter for Fran. so I proposed to my sister, to take care of him since he was very spoiled and he generally didn't get along with strangers. I took it as a job because she paid me. This is where I acquired all my experience, for example how to deal with tantrums, changed diapers, prepared food for him and Dulce. I also took him to kindergarten, to the park, we play football together or sometimes go for a walk. That boy was totally in my charge for 7 hours during a year. It was exhausting but a beautiful experience. Sometimes Fran did not obey me but I understood that patience is one of the most important qualities that I had to acquire if I wanted to connect with him. On weekends we were all together as family, shared good moments or traveled to different places. At night I used to cook pizza with Fran in fact it was his favourite dish. I am considered myself as a good cook or at least a creative person who love getting recipe inspiration through Instagram. Besides that I´m good at following recipe instructions and looking for new tastes and flavors. We used to set a day for cooking a special dish, because I think that is a funny way to spent time with kids. However, I’m open to play different type of dynamic games. I just like to have fun with kids. In 2018 during our familiar vacations my mother found the Au Pair program, a friend of her had a brother in France and was newly married, he is a doctor as well as his wife, they had a baby so they were looking for a full time nanny but for my bad luck needed a girl with advanced French, so we started looking for pages and found that there was also the Au Pair program in Argentina so I immediately sent my application form for USA. I decided to return to Salta a year later (2019) and with a broken heart because I had to leave my nephews, but he understood my reasons. Since that day I was training in all aspects to fulfill my goals ; to be an au pair. First of all, I enrolled in a garden teacher assistant course in a professional foundation, in order to have more opportunities with a host family, I also practiced in a maternal garden, I loved that idea! The course took me 8 months, I went there once a week for 8 months. Then in August of last year, a friend of my sister also returned to Salta, she needed a babysitter for her 6-month-old baby .so I take care of her daughter, Renata, for 10 months. We had a great time together .i have to say that during that experience appeared my maternal side I discovered that I do love babies, they are so cute. Renata and I laughed a lot. In October 2019 school practices arrived so I started to work hard. I prepared a lot of funny games for the kindergarten’s kids. I also became an entrepreneur. In the kinder i made handmade soaps to sell and help with environmental awareness. Finally I graduated from high school on December 13, 2019. It is important to say that I did not do before because of economic and work issues. However it is something that makes me feel very proud of me because I ended school with very good grades. Animals play an important role for my family, we have 4 dogs (Hatchi- Roco-Lola and Pacha) Lola is mine i brought her from the south. I needed a lot of money to bring her by plane because I love my puppy,she is like a daughter to me. We have been together for 3 years from the same moment i rescued her from the street. I hope you have dogs to have fun together! Finally , I hope from this experience all the best; a comprehensive, cheerful, adventurous and very, very funny family, I really don't care where you are. Actually, i'm used to the chaos of Salta and the calm of Perito Moreno, so any place will be fine ,as long as the family is loving with me. I wish through this letter you had an idea about me and my life. I really want to be part of your family soon! Hopefully see you later. Cande

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