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Cultural Exchange Area Director - Las Vegas, NV

Are you a fun and outgoing person with a flair for organization and marketing? Do you enjoy meeting new people and learning about foreign cultures? If so, the position of Area Director with Au Pair International might be a right fit for you! As a local Area Director in the United States, you will help families and au pairs connect and bring quality childcare and enriching cultural experiences to your community. The role is much like that of an entrepreneur with the flexibility to work out of your own home, while building a local market.


Our area directors supervise their local clusters within the U.S. and report back to API Headquarters in Boulder, CO. This includes organizing monthly cluster meetings and yearly host family gatherings, maintaining monthly contact logs and supporting the host families and au pairs with any questions or problems that they have. Area Directors also ensure that each au pair is familiarized with the local community and educational opportunities that exist for the completion of their required coursework.

Area Directors conduct interviews and screen potential host families. This is to ensure that we recruit quality families with reasonable program expectations. The Area Directors also ensure that the host family is able to provide adequate accommodations for an au pair.

Area Directors support and strengthen the matches between Au Pairs and Host Families in their local area. They are a liaison between each party and are API’s local representation. Host families and au pairs will come to them with questions and concerns. They provide the year-round, local support that makes the au pair program successful.

The Area Directors are responsible for conducting orientations with both the host families and au pairs and ensuring that the US Department of State regulations are being met. In addition, our Area Directors receive training and support from our Regional Directors.

Marketing/Public Relations
Our Area Directors are the local face of Au Pair International. They are responsible for the grass-roots marketing that help grow individual areas and recruit new host families. Each Area Director gains experience in marketing and public relations as they spread the word and organize events in their community.



  • You must reside within a 60-minute drive time to Las Vegas, NV

Office Skills

  • You must own a computer and be proficient in basic operations
  • Experience with Adobe and Microsoft Office products highly recommended

Interpersonal Skills

  • You have stellar time-management skills and the ability to work independently while also adhering to company deadlines
  • Your problem-solving and conflict resolution skills are on point
  • You possess a love for event planning and have the ability to inspire enthusiasm within a group
  • Knowledge of the cultural exchange industry extremely beneficial
  • You have the willingness and resources to introduce the Au Pair Program into your local community and grow your area
  • Experience in customer service a plus
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    Cultural Exchange
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    June 27, 2024
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