Carol Leon Castillo

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children Of All Ages
Available: 2/12/22

My Video

Letter To My Future Host Family

Hi dear host family.

I will tell you about me...

My name is Dayani Leon Castillo, I'm 24 years old, I'm a flight attendant (but currently I'm not flying), I live with my mother, my little sister (She's not little) and Orion our cat in Bogota, Colombia.

I like many things to do, like going to the park, explore new places (I love to travel!!!), meet new people, go to the cinema (I love the cartoons), go to eat at different restaurants, walk among the mountains, explore nature, share time with my mother, my sister or friends, and sleep.

About my daily routine (depends if I'm with Mel or Dani), generally, I wake up, make my breakfast and prepare lunch, I watch series, then I organize the mess and finally, I go to work. Every week I have 2 days off, for this reason, I try to make different plans depending on the day.

Now, I'll tell you about my experience with children (in chronological order, obviously)

Martin (He's my little cousin) He is 6 years old and I'm taking care of him since he was 6 months old (during 3 months) and after I took care of him occasionally when my aunt needs my help, I did all baby cares and now we share time together.

Sarita (she is my relative) She is 5 years old and sometimes I take care of her for hours and help with her tasks or we go to the park, depends on the day.

Justin, Camilo, and Juan Andres. I helped them with their school homework, activities and explained about the topics of their classes.

Daniel (He's my godson) He's 9 months old and I have taken care of him at the weekends when his parents went to work or made other tasks, usually I prepare the baby bottle or his fruit jams, play with him, change the diaper and bath while we wait for his parents.

Melanie (She's my goddaughter) She's 8 months old and I share with her all week while her mother studies, always she takes the breakfast and we play after I bath, dress the baby and we take sunbathe (she fell asleep hahaha) then I prepare the lunch and continue with my routine.

Finally, Why I want to be an au pair?

Because I want to have a perfect English and this program is the better option for me because I can study and do all the things that I like (meet new people, travel and explore new places) but the most important thing is that I can share with the children and for me, is not difficult. I consider myself a lovely, kind and calmed person, I can match with the children and be friends.

I would believe that this is all! I hope to meet you soon!

Thank you for accepting me into your family.

With love,

Carol Dayani.

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