Carolina Aranda

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 22
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 9/16/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello Dear Host Family!
My name is Carolina and I´m from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I have twenty-one years old and along these years I have collected a lot of friends from all the activities I have done in my life: primary school, secondary school, several dance institutes, sports, clubs and many others.
I grew up in a very warm home with good people! My parents Paola and Alberto, and my three brothers, Ivana (24 years old), Jonathan (22 years old) and my Little brother, Valentino (7 years old). They made my childhood the best of all and I love them so much!.
My parents are good persons. They gave me love, support, also boundaries…so I am greatful for that!
What can I tell you about myself?
Well, I am a responsable, nice, really patient and empathic woman. In my daily routine, I am organized, resolute and energetic. I enjoy having quality time with my family, friends and my dogs too. I love dogs!.
In my daily routine I take care of Lisandro and Jeremias at 2 p.m.  at 6 p.m.  They are so funny, naughty and good.  I help them with their homework and we go to the park to do outdoor activities in our free time.
My beginnings in children caring were two years ago when I started to celebrate Birthday parties as a McDonald´s crew. I didn´t think I would like to spend time with children so much! So, in my days off I worked celebrating children´s parties on my own.
After a while, I had the opportunity to work as a babysitter. This was a new experience for me because I have to take care of a 4-months-old baby.
I am very greatful to Jessica, the baby´s mother. She has trusted me since day one. I am responsible for feeding Luca and I also bathe him. I sing songs and make him sleep. When the day is nice, I take Luca for a walk in his baby strolley.
I believe kids are the biggest responsibility we have as human beings, the development of their values, beliefs and habits depend absolutely on us because they trust us blindly. Kids are equal in all the world, why should I only give this love to the kids in my country?...If I want to see different countries, can’t I have both? And that is how the Au Pair program appeared in my life.
At first, I decided to apply for the program without saying anything to anyone, not even my parents! I want to be sure that I could do it for myself and so It was. I started to take english classes to improve my skills.
After a few months of having internalized in the subject, I spoke with my parents. It was difficult for them at first, because they feared for me, for mysafety ... being thousands of kilometers away without their protection. But soon they understood that I am a determined, enterprising woman who wants to live life without fear, with new challenges, so they supported me since then and for me that is very important!
When I return to my country, I am sure that great experience will open the doors for me to obtain better jobs, so I will be able to afford the child medicine career that I want to study for so long!.
With Love,

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