Catherine Serrano Alvarez

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 12/20/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear, future family:

My name is Catherine and I´m 26 years old. I was born in Barranquilla – Colombia. My culture is known for being very warm, open and happy.

I live by myself but I spend a lot of time with my parents and my sister. My sister is 10 years younger than me. I like to guide her and help her to learn new things. Her name is Zharick, she is 16 years old.

In 2017 I moved to Argentina to start my internship. I finished my internship in november 2017 and i finally got my degree as Psychologist in March 2018.

I describe myself as a peaceful girl, I am very independent and friendly, I love to meet new people and talk with everybody, every time I go out I make new friends. I´m very organized, responsible and understanding. Because of my profession and personality, I’m very good at solving conflicts.
I like to wake up early and go for a walk. I love outdoor activities, picnics and the beach are my perfect plans. I love to read books that can teach me new things. I love traveling, every time I can travel I go for it! Other of my favorite activities is helping homeless people and dogs without family. I talk to my friends every 3 weeks and They give me all the clothes and blankets they don’t use and we let them choose what they need.

I have different experiences with children. I was working for 6 months in a foundation for children with special needs, me and 2 colleagues created a program for the kids. We created a schedule with practical and fun activities, so every day we did a fun activity and we read useful concepts that will help them to keep healthy relationships with their partners. In this time I worked with kids between 6 and 16 years old, preparing classes, developing strategies to get their attention in the activities and teaching them how to manage their positive and negative emotions. As well I was working in a school with an afro Colombian population, my work there was to develop knowledge about how to delegitimize beliefs about violence.

My largest experience with kids is Alana. I took care of her since the first day she was born, at that moment her mom couldn’t do it because of medical problems. She is 4 years old and I have been taking care of her for 3 years. In a normal day I sleep with Alana, in the morning I wake her up for shower, I dress her then I prepare breakfast and small meal for her to eat in school, I take her to school and pick her up, she is very independent so she does homework meanwhile I prepare lunch then we check homework together and after lunch we take a nap. After the nap we go out to the park or make our ‘spa day’, she loves to play with my hair and put beauty masks on my face.

This is a little bit about me. I chose this experience in the USA because I love to work with children and I feel super curious about the American culture. Living there is the final step to improve my English, it is a new culture and experience where I can give my best!

With love,


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