Chika Tateishi

Home Country: Japan
Age: 27
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 5/11/22


Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello! My name is Chika. I’m 26years old.
I have lived in Tokyo for over 20years, but I was born in Okayama (next to Hiroshima).
There are 4 people in my family. Mother, father and younger brother. And we have a cute dog!
My personality is cheerful, active and I hate losing.
And my friends say “you cheer up, like the sun.”

I can:
Cooking, cleaning, driving, play the piano, sports, taking photos, and stuff like that.

About my job:
When I was in school I worked as a cast member of Tokyo Disney Resort. (checking tickets at gate) (4years)
Then after working as an apparel staff selling inner wear (2y10m),
I worked as a secretary (1y6m).
And now, working at a nursery school. I take care of the 0-1years old children’s class.

4 reasons to participate in Au pair program:
1. I like children so I want to work related to children.
It’s my dream. If possible I'd rather take care of a small group than a large one. Because I can take care of each and every child.
2. I would like to help a family who need an Au-pair.
3. I would like to study English and childcare in US style.
Like the mind of diversity, education and child development etc.
4. It’s my challenge.

Working in childcare field has been my dream since I was a child.
I never changed my mind, and I majored in childcare in welfare studies to get the license.
After graduating from university, I worked as an office-worker because I wanted to be a childcare-worker specialized in supporting the parents’ feelings.


Experience of childcare:
0-1years old childcare as a part-time staff. Starting from August 30, 2021 and I have been working for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Preparing baby formula, feeding a baby with a bottle, burping a baby, putting a baby to bed, changing a diaper, feeding a baby with a spoon, dealing with tantrums, playing with and involving baby in age appropriate activates, walking with a baby, reading stories

2-5years old childcare for 201 hours.
Playing outdoors, assisting with homework, playing indoors, putting to bed, dealing with tantrums, doing arts and crafts projects, potty training, walking with kids, playing a piano and singing with kids, reading stories, assisting swimming.


I want to be a trustworthy Aupair.
I’m a beginner in studying English, but I could be a good Aupair.

I’m good at reading stories to children and playing sports outside.
I think reading stories is good for children’s development so I will connect to study through the stories.
In addition I want to play with children outside.
Because I belonged to the track-and-field club, football club and swimming club when I was a student. So I’m good at playing sports.

In the education, I would like teach them the liberal arts and the manners that I learned through my experience as a Disney cast and secretary.

Look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely yours,
Chika Tateishi

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