Constanza Weinert

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 20
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 2/2/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello family!
My name is Constanza Weinert, I am 19 years old and I am from Argentina, from the province of Tierra del Fuego, city of Ushuaia, also known as the southernmost city in the world or the end of the world, and I was born in Ushuaia, is a small town of 75.000 inhabitants, is a city very quiet and turistic and the average temperature is 5.7 °C has a temperate climate with temperatures between 13°C and 10°C in summer and drop to 1,6°C during the winter, also is very cloudy. I define myself as a quiet, simple, transmit confidence and liable in what I do also I learned to adapt to different circumstances as my family changed over time. I currently live in Ushuaia with my family, where I did my secondary school and where I also worked for a time. My parents are separated, but I live with both. At the beginning of the year 2020 I went to the city of Buenos Aires, Capital Federal since my plans were to start the dental career as soon as I finished high school, and my sister was there. But my plans changed because I wasn’t sure about the race and it was always in my plans to do a cultural exchange. I told my mother and my father that I wanted to go back to Ushuaia as I was with the idea of leaving exchange, so I went back to my city of residence to start with the paperwork, but that time I was living in Buenos Aires I adapted very well to the city, I’ve known him before and I love it.
My family consists of my parents, Cristián Weinert (42 years old) and Malvina Zeme (42 years old), then my older sister Florencia Weinert (21 years old), my younger brother Santiago Schreiner (10 years old) and my younger sisters Serena Weinert (2 years old) and Paz Weinert (6 moth old). My father is married with Andrea Otero and my younger sisters are her daughters, then my mother is married with Walter Schreiner and my younger brother is his daughter, and Florencia Weinert is daughter my dad and my mom. My father is accountant and he work in a bank and my mother is trader and she work in a mall. My older sister Florencia, she lives in Buenos Aires because she’s studying the sciences of education. Then my brother Santiago, he’s going to the primary school, and my sister Serena is this year the garden begins. Both in the house of my mom and my dad I take care of the cleaning, wash the dishes, take care of my younger siblings, put the washing machine and hang the clothes, then put the clothes, make the bed, among other things, and we divide the tasks. Someone also very important to me in my family is my cat called Cleopatra. For 9 years she lives with us and I have a very special affection and I love her.
I really like animals and I dream of having many pets. On the other hand, I love sports and physical activity, practice sports like swimming, volleyball, hockey and skating, and I also love practicing winter sports like skiing or snow, go sledding and assembling snowmen. I don’t play any sports now but I love doing them for fun. In my spare time I love watching movies or series, my favorite movie is Tangled and my favorite series is Flash. I also spent time with friends, go out to dinner, go to dance, go to the club or get together in a house to eat, I like to go for a walk in the park and go shopping, go to the cinema or the theater. I like to cook, especially sweet things, but I can also cook salty things and I love it. I also like being with my family, see my cousins, my uncles and my grandmothers. I'm used to being around lots of people.
As for my studies, in Ushuaia I finished my primary and secondary education in a private school. Finished high school in 2019 and was between two races to follow; my first choice was stewardess and the second was dentistry, but I decided for dentistry because many told me that I would not be able to live as a stewardess and study a reliable career.   In 2020 I moved to the city of Buenos Aires as I planned to continue with the career of dentistry. But then, already settled in Buenos Aires I began to think and I realized that it was not what I wanted to follow, that what I wanted to do was a stewardess and I knew that if I continued with the career of dentistry I would regret not having done the stewardess, and as it is a career that demands English as a language. I decided to look for a cultural exchange and I found the Au Pair that I ended up loving, I told my parents about my new plans and they both agreed, I went back to Ushuaia to start with the steps, and I was also working in ceramics workshop and taking care of children, that in the next paragraph I will explain more about them. I also studied English for 3 years in a institute and now I’m doing an intensive conversational course and in the year 2020 I was taking private English lessons.
On the other hand, I love spending time with children. When I was only 9 years old I was born my younger brother who is now 10 years old. When I was 12/13 I was in charge of taking care of him and being with him, cooking him and making him sleep if my mom was not at night, I also bathed him, helped him to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth. When I got my driver’s license when I was 17, I helped my mom a lot more as I went shopping, I looked for my brother at school when she couldn’t make it, I took him to soccer or I went looking for him. I always went to help her a lot with my brother since she and her husband work. Then in 2018 I was born my younger sister Serena, I was 16 years old. With her was all play, always seeks me and loves to spend time with me, to the date today is two years old and I help her to go to the bathroom when she asks, I give you the snack. And in the year 2020 born my younger sister Paz, is a baby!! I make her sleep, or I make her faces to laugh. When the mom is cooking or busy in something asks me to take care of her. I want to spend time with my younger siblings and be with them!
My formal childcare experience was primarily thanks to a ceramics workshop that helps with children. The time I was working in the workshop was for a year, approximately from February 2020 to 2021, but in between we caught the pandemic and we had to slow down for a while, and then reopened with our respective protocols. It was a job that I enjoyed a lot and I loved spending time with children, helping them with ceramics and then going out to recess and playing with them in the park, I also prepared the snack for them, and at the end of each day I stayed helping to clean everything. I worked two days a week, with children for 5 to 10 years age and in each day there were between 7 or 9 children.
Then, other childcare experience I was with the children I took care of, the first two are brothers Gennaro and Gianni; when I started to take care of them one was born and the other was barely a year old. The mother knew me a long time ago because she is known to my family and I offered to take care of the kids, it was also a nice experience and I took care of changing diapers, giving them milk and bathing, among other things. I started to take care of them at the end of 2019 and take care of them until the beginning of 2021, I also caught the pandemic, but when I could go to take care of them I went without any problem.
Finally, my last experience with children was with a 12 year old girl whose mother is a friend of mine and asked me to help her with homework, take her to their respective activities and make her lunch. This was for a few months and so and all I loved sharing with the girl and being able to help.
As I explained in one of the previous paragraphs, my dream is to continue with the  Career stewardess and my idea was always to go and learn English to another country, and looking for cultural exchanges I arrived at this Au Pair. I loved it from the beginning when my advisor told me all about it, and spending time with children I love it.
She told me that my only option was to go to the United States since I did not have a very good level of English, and so if I had another, I think I would have chosen for the USA, is a country I would like to know and I hope to be there as soon as possible. I am totally determined to fulfill the dream of my life, I love the idea of living in another country, I think it will help me to continue growing as a person, I will also learn another culture, I will travel to another (and other) country (countries), meet new people, new places, and I love working with children. I think it’s the perfect program at the perfect time in my life. I’m eager to spread my wings and fly!
The program I hope it meets my expectations to gain experience, be more independent, travel around the United States, learn about American culture, make a difference in the lives of children who will care, as they leave an indelible mark on me, Help me make new friends and improve my English. I firmly believe it’s an incredible experience that no girl should miss.
From my new family I hope to achieve trust, that we can have a good time together, that they are respectful, affectionate and patient with me as I will be so with them. I also hope I can treat them like my parents, my "American parents," and they can treat me like their daughter. I have no preference over the size of the city I run. I’m sure I’ll find a perfect family for myself.
I really want the time to get to know my new family and my new city. And I look forward to your expectations to also leave a trail and be remembered as a good au pair that was part of their lives. So I say goodbye, I hope with this letter you can have an idea about me and my life. Maybe we’ll meet in no time.
See you soon, the best for you,

Constanza Weinert

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