Erin Streak

Home Country: South Africa
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 8/7/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

My name is Erin Margie-Joan Streak, I am 25 and I am currently residing in Centurion, South Africa. I am the youngest of a family of four and food is the name of our game, board games however, is not. A little blonde dog named Jazz has my heart and you will often find competition within the house to be his favourite.

I am a part-time student, studying HR and global business whilst striving to continuously learn and develop my skills, attributes, knowledge and characteristics and to instil the concepts of lifelong learning into my values. I am immensely passionate about people development and observing someone chat about their passions and goals in life sparks a sense of joy within me. I hope to someday achieve my goal of being an HR VP, but for now there is a whole world out there waiting for me to experience and learn from. Hence the reason I would like to have the opportunity to Au Pair in the United States, to work with a wonderful family, to learn from them, to help make your lives that much easier, to become a part of a family, to travel, make new memories, grow my self-confidence and develop personally.

If I could use one word to describe me; Passion.

Everything I do is done with passion as well as an annoying hint of perfectionism, love and care is next in line. I am a bubbly vibrant individual, who cares deeply for almost anyone I spend more than an hour with, I could spend hours listening to strangers stories and to watch them talk about the things they love, their experiences, their memories and to watch them light up is the cherry on top. I am creative and I have a fond love for writing; be it films, books, lyrics, poetry or movies, words resonate with me.  To see the world is my biggest dream and travelling is my number one, cities are everything and to walk the streets and ponder on all of the strangers and all of their stories, where they come from and where they want to go and just how they have walked the same streets too. London and Boston are the favourites and I hope someday I get to see and experience so many more. Food has been an important aspect of my life growing up and learning to cook and bake came easy, spending hours preparing a meal is an act of love for me and yep you guessed it, a passion! An avid animal lover, horse riding was my most beloved sport growing up, hockey, netball, swimming and soccer also made the cut. Nowadays I run and enjoy a game of indoor netball every now and then, I spend my spare time painting, reading or being with friends. I am currently doing my TEFL course for fun and I am learning Spanish as a side venture. Laughing and making people laugh is a favourite past-time and I love sharing in our innate ‘humanness’ and how it grants us the ability to be able to laugh at ourselves.

I find childcare and interacting with children enjoyable as well as easy and I credit my inner child at heart for that, immersing myself in the activities along with the children is where you’ll find me; being on the ground and building towers, in the sandpit and making castles or running around and playing catch. I find it easy enough to interact, get involved and help out where needed whether its homework, learning, experiencing new things or playing, my support is always there. I am an exceptionally understanding individual, I mould to your parenting style and have a good understanding of psychology as well as people and children, I make that extra effort to get to know those little details few others know and understand, whilst taking those extra steps to get involved.

My childcare experience is vast and spans across numerous ages as well as backgrounds, from baby sitting on weekends to assisting at a tutoring centre as well as looking after my own nephew and helping out a family who worked through the pandemic and needed childcare for their one year old. Tutoring by far has been the most enjoyable experience where I feel I really have made the biggest impact on the lives of the little people I tutored; their ages ranged from 6 upwards and the subjects also varied, lesson preparation and exam preparation was a key area for me. My favourite little person has to be my nephew and to have watched him grow up and interact with him as the years have gone by, how much he has developed over these years, whilst being able to play, go on adventures, teach him and to learn from him. I credit my knowledge in child psychology for connecting with and understanding children, knowing just how crucial influence and communication can be and why I found my year of tutoring to be rewarding and enjoyable.

I share in the experiences, I celebrate the successes, I provide support where and when it is needed, I care deeply day in and day out and I cannot wait to become part of the family and walk the journey with you.

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