Ernestina Negri Vivanco

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 20
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 2/2/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello family
My name is Ernestina (but my family and friends called me "Tina") I am 19 years old and I live in Argentina, Entre Rios, Nogoya. It is a very small town almost like a village, it is a very quiet place where we all know each other. During the school period I used to live with my grandparents (Jose and Sonia), because I enjoy spending time with them, and also the school was very close to their house. Since I graduated I am living at my father's house, but every day I go to visit my mom at her house, since my parents are separated. My family is very big, I have many cousins and I am the oldest. My parents are my mother Guadalupe who is dedicated to agriculture and livestock and my father Rodrigo is a lawyer. I always say that my cousins are like my brothers and sisters, since I don't have any, I spend most of my time with them going out, going for walks, vacations, camping, horseback riding in the country.
A year ago I finished high school at San Francisco de Asis high school, where I met wonderful people, I have made my best friends. To be honest I did not always have the highest grades in the exams but I did very well in the science fairs and I was the best at making models. This stage was very nice and I am very proud to have won a medal for the most supportive student.
Since I was a child I played with my cousins at school and nowadays I always help them to do school work.
Regarding housework, the ones I do best are washing and ironing clothes, organizing and tidying up the house. I really enjoy going out to do the shopping for the house and pay the bills and what I do best is cooking, if I have to highlight something in me is my great ability to cook, my love for the countryside and animals, my favorites are dogs and horses. Another thing may be that my family and friends never get bored with me, I love to play with my younger cousins, with them I play to to hide and seek and table games.
In my free time I practice horseback riding. I practice it since I was 6 years old, it is my passion. My mom always remembers that I learned to ride a horse before walking.  Very often I play some polo games "chukkers" with one of my cousins. Another thing I do, in the summers I teach the little ones to swim. I like the beach and reading books, my favorites are Agatha Christie's books, I have the whole collection. I don't like sports very much, but I do like cycling and some days I go for a walk.
As for food I like to eat fruits and vegetables. During the week I don't eat anything with flour, I try not to eat a lot of meat and I drink a lot of water. But on weekends I allow myself to cook delicious dishes like homemade pasta, roast beef, cakes, trying new recipes.
As for my personality I am a person who is always willing to help others, I am very cheerful, funny, I am very sociable and I enjoy spending a lot of time with my friends and making family plans, one of my flaws is that I am very talkative.
My biggest experience with kids is with my cousins as I am the oldest of 12 cousins. I have taken care of kids from 13 years old to newborns, I love bathing and dressing them, I enjoy combing girls hair, choosing their outfits and playing with them, going out to the park, buying ice cream, going to school shows, helping them with homework, teaching them new things like riding a bike or cooking together, also driving to go around town, watching movies or sketches my favorites are Canine Patrol, Frozen and Coco.
I am also going to tell you a very nice experience I had with horse therapy. It all started like this... one of my cousins is called Elena, now 12 years old, she had no oxygen at birth, and as a result she was brain dead in some parts of the brain, which gave her motor disability, I remember that as a child I accompanied her to doctors and daily therapies, then she started equine therapy and I went with her to all the therapies, then the equine therapy team told me if I wanted to work with them, so I started and joined an equine therapy group where I worked with many children with different disabilities, this for me was also therapeutic. I did not take it as a job because I loved what I was doing, I was with children and at the same time with horses.
My decision to be an au pair turned out, because I was not decided what to study, and knowing from one of my friends that was going to do this experience, I told my parents about it. They thought it was a wonderful idea and agreed, as I love to travel, learn about the cultures of other countries and the ways of life of other people, this idea seemed perfect to me because I could work in something I love, taking advantage to know new places, another culture, practice a new language, and what I like most is that it was not just a job to support me is a job that in addition to all the responsibilities that means caring for children was going to be in a family environment, which I hope to enjoy a lot. My goals are closely related to the previous ones, such as learning a new language, adding experiences to my life, getting to know new places and cultures,
As for the city where I am going to live I have no problem, but I would not miss the experience of living in a big city, although it would cost me a little to get used to the big city. I prefer the heat, since in Argentina summer starts in December and my birthday is in January, I always go out to party at the pool with friends, I really like the beach, the water, the sea, swimming, water activities, I have practiced scuba diving. But I also know that I would quickly adapt to the cold as I love skiing and playing in the snow.
I hope you get an idea of me and I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon, so I can start planning my trip home and meet you.
Ernestina Negri Vivanco

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