Camila Alzorriz

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 1/22/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Hello Family,

My name is Fatima Higgins and I´m 26 years old. I was born and raised in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. I still live in the same building where I was born, in downtown city, where the chaos and noise blends perfectly with the organization of the center of the city.

I´m actually living with my parents, Silvia and Richard, but grew up also with my siblings, Francisco and Guadalupe, that are 15 and 14 years older than me. We are a super united family that enjoys spending time together, though my siblings don’t live at home any more given they got married and moved away. I grew up with my dog, Pegasus, who I loved deeply, and with whom I played all the time. I am an animal lover, and enjoy petting them.

My mother is a pediatric dermatologist who loves her work and taught us her love for her profession and taking care of others. My father is a retired business administrator who loves reading and listening to music. My brother, Francisco, is an economist and photographer, who is married and gave me my beautiful nephew and niece. My sister, followed my mother interest in health issues, and is a nutritionist, that inculcates my two nephews (her two kids) how to eat healthy, which in turn, helped me to eat and cook better (and healthier) as well. My 3 nephews Salvador (10), Manuel (8), and Joaquin (1 and a half), and my niece, Julia (4), are my world. I love telling them stories and teaching them curious facts while they stare at me as if I was a brilliant scientist or magnificent historian.

Regarding my studies I´m very proud of what I have achieved. Since I´m dyslexic, my early school years where a challenge which I was very much able to overcome, and thanks to that I became a really hard worker. What I set my mind to I can achieve. I was always inclined to artistic expressions, like drama, ballet, ice skating and singing among others. During my high school years I devoted part of my free time to study all of these. When I finished school, I went straight to study Drama and obtained a degree on Theater Direction. Since I can remember I always wanted to be an actress, make people laugh and entertain them. I´m also a Yoga instructor, and studied cosmetology.

At 13 I started studying English, and once I started I never stopped. At 21 I was given the opportunity to go abroad to improve my English, and went to the UK. I stayed with a host family in Oxford, and I have fallen even more in love with the language and the culture. Being able to travel alone was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It made me grow, shown me my independence, and discover myself.

In my free time, I love to read. Reading accompanied me through my life, and I love reading every gender but I´m a big fan of Harry Potter, Jane Austin and Shakespeare. I can get lost in its pages for hours. I also love listening to music. I enjoy going to theater and cinema with friends. Enjoy going to museums and gallery’s, discovering cultural centers and getting lost walking by. Indoors I like doing collages and cooking, which I usually do for my parents. At home, besides cooking I help my parents in maintaining an order in the house, and help with the cleaning and clothes.
I’m really respectful towards the environment and animals. In my house I taught my family to recycle and take care of water, which sadly is not that common here in Argentina. On the other hand, I do my own beauty products, which are non- toxic and environmentally friendly.

I´ve always loved playing with kids. I always enjoyed using the imagination and make them create things or make them laugh too. I get inspired by their imagination. My first experience with children was when I was sixteen years old. I took care of two girls Maria of eight and Melina of ten, and my job mainly consisted in looking for them at the end of the school day and taking them to their house. Some nights I baby sat for them, make sure that they ate properly and prepared them to go to bed.

Another experience, which is very near to my heart, is related to a family, for which I started taking care of a baby of a few months, Facundo, and as time passed by I also took care of his little brother, Alfonso, and for whom I still time to time “baby sit” them as grown boys. With the eldest brother, as I mentioned I started when he was a baby, and baby sat for him some weekend nights. Then I started going some afternoons to play with him and to help his mother with anything she might need. He grew up and he got a brother and my job got expanded. I´ve keep taking care of both of them for years now. During summer time, when the kids ended the school year and until they departed for vacations, I had a full day job. I prepared them breakfast, helped them change and taught them how to prepare themselves for the day. We played, read, I took them to the park or the movies, and prepared them lunch. They are very well-mannered boys, super polite and well educated. I very much enjoy taking care of them.

Finally, I would like to mention my experience taking care of three siblings, a teenage girl, Maia of 14 years old, and her little brothers, Alex of 10 and Juan Pablo of 9 years old. I picked them up after school and took them home, where I helped them with their homework, studies, and made sure they take a bath or helped them with anything they might need. I also took them to birthday parties when needed.

When I found out about this program I felt relief. I couldn´t believe that this experience existed. It is for me an opportunity to grow as a person, to travel and see other ways of living, let go and get surprise by the world, the people, and me in this new beginning. I want to fully immerse in the language, and learn new ways of making art.

For my future family, I hope to build a trusting relationship where we can have a good time together, and where respect, patience and comprehension are building blocks of this new relation. I find companionship, and being able to support and help one another to be very important, to be able to feel comfortable around each other. And I don’t mind living in a big city or town since it´s easy for me to find the beauty in my surroundings.

To conclude my only expectation is to get surprise of what life has to offer to me, after the 2020 my only wish is to see, live and do beautiful things, meet new people and be the best person I can be;
I wish you the best and hope to see you soon,

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