Florencia Anastacio

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Future Host Family

My name is Florencia Sol Anastacio, I am 25 years old and I am from Argentina.
I hope you enjoy this application letter, in which I will describe myself and my expectations of the program. I define myself as a passionate, responsible and curious person. I lived with my grandparents and my uncle in Tucumán, a small province in the northwest of my country. I was born in the city of Alderetes, a metropolitan area of 18.076 habitants, located four kilometers from San Miguel de Tucuman, capital of the province. Currently I live with my host family in Fort Collins, Colorado, is a nice place but I'm open to other places.
My family consists of my grandparents, Mateo Saraza (75 years old), and Susana Olmedo de Saraza (69 years old), my uncle Jorge Saraza (39 years old), and my mother her name is Maria Jose (44 years old) who live in another house with my brother Mateo(14 years old ). In Argentina I had a dog, its name is Pichi. He has lived with us for 6 years and I love him very much. I also have special affection for my cats, which I take great care of. I feed them and give them a little bath twice a week. One day I would like to have a house with many pets.
I like to stay busy and keep both my mind and my body very active. I love to exercise at the gym, going for a run and I enjoy go for a hike outside my town, especially when the weather is nice. I enjoy the most is swimming. In Argentina I was taking classes not only to improve my techniques, but also to refresh and relax from the day to day routine. I really enjoy sports. Many times when I am bored in the afternoon I cook cakes,brownies, pancakes, cookies or sweet waffles for the coffee time. In the morning, I make delicious and tasty breakfasts. On weekends, I watch TV series or movies with lots of chocolates at home and I like hiking with my new friend, she is au pair too.
As for my studies in San Miguel de Tucumán, I completed primary and secondary education at a private school. I finished my secondary school in 2013 and in 2014, I decided to study “Teachers in Sciences of Education” at the state university of Filosofía y Letras (UNT). This university career has a duration of 5 (five) years and my future degree is very large since I can work as a school or university consultant. In the future I would like to do a degree in education about children with disabilities and to continue studying English in my country. For me is very important children’s education. I really love spending time with children. As regard outdoor activities, I take the kids for a walk around the park, a place where children not also play but where they can have direct contact with nature and animals. I also like to sing and dance with them.
During humid and rainy weather, the indoor activities I work on are painting, drawing, and cooking.
Taking into account tutoring, I have worked as a private instructor for 3 (three) years and at the moment, I am teaching five students (7-10 years old), two hours each day. During the tutoring hours I try to keep my students focus through fun, educational games and songs which, in my opinion, increase their motivation and energy. The best part of being a tutor is when I receive hugs from students when they are feeling happy and successful in their reading.
Also, I took care of a girl, her name was Yuliana, she was 11 months old when I started taking care of her. My work started when her parenst went to work, I would prepared her bottle with milk and we would play, sing songs and read stories to her.
Now, I have more experience feeding a baby with a bottle, changing a diaper, putting a baby to bed, preparing baby formula and dealing with tartrums. Because I'm taking a baby, he is 1 years old and a sweet girl, she is 6 years old.
I had already been in the United States, in the beautiful state of California with my aunt and my three little cousins who I love very much. Living there for 2 months was rewarding for me since I learned the values, beliefs and traditions of a new culture which, by the way, I found fascinating. I also had the opportunity to meet incredible people with whom I could practice and improve my English. I remain open to the idea of meeting new people and discovering new cultures which will greatly enrich my life in different ways.
I have always considered myself a reliable and hardworking person as those are fundamental chore values my family in Argentina taught me while growing up. I have also learnt to be understanding and open-minded, and I support diversity, tolerance and I remain sensitive to cultural differences. Personally, I believe that the key to a successful communication is to always have empathy towards others and listen up to people. I strongly believe that listening to each other and expressing ourselves clearly and calmly is essential to a good relationship.Whenever something proves to be harder, I do my best to learn what is necessary and meet the goal.
This au pair adventure will be my first one abroad, and I am looking for a great family to live and work with. I want to be accepted as another member of the family who can be trusted and be remembered as a good friend, and sister. I am excited to meet my new family and my new city. I hope the best for this experience as I always give my best as well.
Now, I say bye, but I hope to see you soon
Florencia Sol Anastacio.

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