Congratulations to Gabi C. of South Africa – Au Pair in New Jersey!

We are so proud to introduce you to Gabriela C. (Gabi) from South Africa. Gabi arrived to the United States in July of 2017, embarking on an amazing adventure with the Noto family in New Jersey. Caring for their 4 young daughters, the Noto family has described her to be a one-of-kind-human and their own personal “Super Woman”. Please read her nomination essay below to discover the many reasons she has been crowned our 2019 Au Pair of the Year winner.

Gabi’s Nomination Essay – Submitted by the Noto Family!

We are writing this letter to nominate our superwoman, Gabi Cox!  There are so many reasons why Gabi deserves recognition as Au Pair of the Year! From day one Gabi came into our family never treating this as a job. We are so fortunate that she was able to renew a second year with us this past July. The thought of her ever leaving is heart-wrenching to be quite honest. We have “four under four” with the oldest now being 6. Our house is busy, crazy, fun and non-stop. While life is not always easy her willingness and love for our family knows no end. She is more than an extra set of hands, she is what keeps the house and family afloat. She loves and cares for our children as if they were her own. Gabi is always two beats ahead when it comes to their wants, needs and hopes. She deals with difficult situations with patience and grace and shows them so much love. Her dynamic and bond with our four daughters Scarlett 6, Violette 4 and our twins Juliette and Nicolette 2 are unmatched. We love Gabi and call her our fifth daughter. There are very few adventures Gabi does not join us on. Whether it be a trip to the islands, Sam’s Club, a Target run, NYC adventures, aquariums or amusement parks she is always up for fun. We have traveled together, explored together and made countless memories.

Having a large family, it’s hard to give everyone what they need at 100% every single day. While we wish this were easy, we are always pulled in many directions. Gabi has the natural ability to make this possible. Whether it’s listening to Scarlett play the piano for ten minutes alone, watching Violette do 20 handstands in a row, Juliette and Nikki painting and coloring she makes it happen. This summer she would take all four kids in the pool and practically give them lessons! As a water polo player, the water is her happy place. Scarlett learned to touch the bottom of an 8-foot pool, Violette went from panicky to getting her face wet and the twins could float and kick around the pool confidently with their puddle jumpers thanks to Gabi. Let me also add: four kids, four opinions on swimsuits, four bodies to apply sunblock, five towels to take outside, four pairs of water shoes to avoid burning feet! You get the idea, these are the things she makes look easy. Sometimes the little things are what means the most. When we have a crazy day after school and the rushing to activity begins Gabi has everything prepared. Leotards are laid out, snacks and a drink are in a ziplock, hairbrush and hair ties lined up and coats and shoes are near the door. This is not something we ask it’s just something she does to make life easy.

What makes Gabi extremely deserving of this title is that while she has impacted and touched the lives of our immediate family, she has also made a major impact on all our friends and relatives. Gabi always goes above and beyond to get to know everyone on a personal level.  If we are entertaining Gabi steps in to help cook, tidy up or runs errands like part of the family. She always offers to do more and help wherever possible to make everyone happy. She took family into NYC to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. She takes time to share family recipes with us and gets messy in the kitchen. She will sit with my 89-year-old grandparents and make conversation and spend time with them. She has gone to a Broadway play with my father and spent time with my siblings and cousin without us. She hand wrote cards to each family member with an extremely thoughtful gift at Christmas. She enjoys the gym, boxing and going to Jay’s hockey games.  Fellow families at school and friends adore her and always say they wish they had a Gabi in their lives. She has impacted each person in a special way. If you are blessed to know her you would understand.

Gabi is more than a special hand to hold. She is a protector, snuggle queen, has a heart of gold, is funny, loving and a one-of-a-kind human. I truly feel there is nothing she would not do for our kids and family. Her good nature is always evident. I am confident she has never made a cup of tea (she makes about 4 a day ha!) without asking if anyone wants one. She loves to prepare coffee the night before and always leaves a note saying, “fresh pot”. She never comes home from anywhere, whether it be out with friends, the gym or just getting fresh air that she doesn’t call to see if anyone needs anything. We were all down and out with a vicious stomach bug in November and Gabi held down the fort making sure everyone including myself got better.

Jay, myself and Gabe’s have a special relationship, we laugh and joke and often make fun of each other in the best way possible. We will play games, watch shows, and have real talk and difficult conversations when need be. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for her. 

Last January we were lucky her brother Nick got to spend some time with us, in October our first Au Pair Alessia visited us for a week (two 20-year old’s, four young daughters plus myself = Jay is very outnumbered) and in March her Mom will be coming to visit us for two weeks! These are moments we will cherish forever. Gabi is not just an Au Pair she is our family and has touched the lives of everyone she met here.

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