Giovanna Nascimento Cancela

Home Country: Brazil
Age: 22
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 3/31/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

My name is Giovanna, I'm 21 years old and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I live with my parents and my brother, I also have a fluffy cat, a bird, and some fishes. I love animals and I love to spend my time playing with them.

I’m in the last year of my university and I study marketing and advertising, I work with marketing since I was 15 years old and I love to do it, I’m very communicative so that’s the reason I’ve chosen marketing.

Besides the love for marketing I also love children, so I am looking for a family for my amazing year of Au Pair and I have a lot of respect and love to offer to my future host children and to my future host family too.

I've taken care of children between the ages of newborn to 3 years. I took care of my friend's kids when I was unemployed for periods between 3 to 6 months on weekends and also weekdays that was an amazing experience. The rest of my experiences were inside my family with my cousins (I have lots of) and my brother.

The main activities in all my experiences were: changing diapers, bathing, feeding, changing clothes, playing with them, putting them to sleep, painting and drawing, etc.

As I mentioned I have a brother, he is 13 years old and since I was 14 y.o I took care of him, currently, I’m still helping him with lots of different things, for example: helping him with his homework, take him to someplace with his friends and practice our English together. We are very close so I taught a lot and learned a lot every day with him too.
Taking care of him since I was little was gratifying for me because I was able to follow all his developments and achievements.

I love being with children and I believe they can teach me a lot about love, sincerity, happiness, and to be a better person each day. I'm an active and creative person, so I can deal with different kinds of problems and make up new solutions.

My experiences with kids taught me to be more careful and caring for everything I do in my life, and the desire to be able to take care of a kid again and feel all that affection and joy they offer, only increased.
I know the importance of honesty, respect, and patience when it comes to taking care of children and working for/with another family. Also, I am willing to contribute to the well-being of your household.

In addition, I am an extremely responsible person and would give you total security that your children would be well cared for, and under great supervision, there would be no shortage of fun and also new learning, both for the little ones and for me! I love inventing new and productive things when I'm taking care of a child, such as playing with something that encourages their motor, creative, and reasoning skills (such as learning new words or even dealing with new situations).

I am flexible and adaptable to new changes, of course. I’m very mature and patient. I've gone through a lot of changes in the course of my life, which even not so good have brought me this valuable learning.

I love doing outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling, running, playing football, basketball, and many other things! It would be perfect to be able to take your kids for a walk or play with them outside, also, indoor activities are great and I'm more interested every day in cooking different things and it would be nice to be able to do something delicious to eat with the little ones and spend the rest of the day playing or relaxing at home! I can teach you more about my culture if you allow it and even a new language.

I've been practicing meditation for a long time and this has taught me to stay calm and solve unexpected, or even bad, situations in the best possible way. So, there would never be a lack of dialogue and immaturity between the Au Pair and the host family’s communication or relationship. I would always choose the best way to solve a problem, whatever it is.
In addition, I am taking a first aid course to deal with wisdom and confidence in a situation that involves a health problem or minor injuries (involving me or the children).

Finally, this experience would help me a lot to develop a good track record for my future. My dream is to follow my career in marketing and do a postgraduate degree abroad, this experience would open doors and make this dream closer to reality!

I would love to be with you, future host family, and learn more about your routine, your culture, your hobbies, and your favorite places! I'm sure it would be an incredible cultural exchange.

So, if you are looking for a person who is trustworthy, flexible, mature, open-minded, responsible, and willing to love your children as if they were my own siblings, I certainly fit into these requirements and I look forward to meeting you and maybe being part of your family!


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