Heidy Vargas Dulcey

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 23
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family,

My name is Heidy but you can call me Julieta. I’m 21 years old, I’m from Arauca, it’s a small city located to 717 kilometers from Bogotá, capital of Colombia. Few months ago, I’m living alone in Bogotá, in a moment I’m going to tell you why. In Arauca I lived with my family, there live my mother, her name is Emilia, my father called Silverio, my sister called Sandy and my little pet called Coraline, our house is so cozy and suitable to spend our family time.
My mommy works like artisan, she loves painted and she loves create art with her own hands; my daddy works like crane operator, he has to lift up a lot of kilograms with a so strong crane truck; my sister is a social worker, she spends her time helping people who need to find a solution with her difficult life, she loves her work and she loves be attentive; my little pet is my love, she’s so important to me because she has been with me for many years and she has been too unconditional.
1 years ago I was studying foreign languages (English and French) at Univiversity of Pamplona in Norte de Santader but every 15 days I traveled to my home town in order to visited my family. In that University I was in third semester but I decided make a stop and move me to Bogotá in order to study so hard only English, for that reason right now I live alone in Bogotá.
In my free time I love spend time with my family, my friends, my pet and do activities like ride a horse, read books, go to taste different kind of food and go to walk around Bogotá, here the culture It’s so interesting and there are a lot of art; I enjoy play with my little cousins because the time that I spend with them It’s so fun I can laugh a lot, also I like listening to music and singing too.
My experiences with children has been so satisfactory because I have learned a lot about them. Every moment, every laugh, every life lesson with them has been gratifying. When I was at high school, 1 requirement to get your diploma, It’s provide voluntary service in a kinder garden, but I saw it like an opportunity for explore my abilities and especially my love for the children. There, I was a kinder assistant, I did recreational and educational activities with children from 1 to 6 years old like drawing, painting, doing a puzzle, doing exercises, watch child programs, building Legos, listening to music, dancing funny songs and others.
In addition, I always have helped to my niece and my friend’s children from 6 to 10 with your homework, I teach about scholar subjects. Our activities were very funny, we even went to the movies, to eat ice cream, and go for a walk in the city. We really enjoyed together. In the last months I took care to my best friend's baby, I was in charge to fed her, bath her, change her, comb her and do many indoor and outdoor activities together. So, I am more ready to be your au pair.
About household chores, I know cook easy dishes, I know clean very well the house, I know wash the dishes, I know do the laundry and I know wash the car and others household chores too.
I want to be an au pair because I consider It’s a good way to improve your abilities, It’s a good way to know a new culture, It’s a good way to share and spend your time that is an important part of your life and why not with children who have a lot of love to give us and when you give love you receive love and with love our life is better.
I am sure, we are going to have an unforgettable year and of course we can share and learn much about the different cultures from each other.
I can wait to spend my time with you, It’s going to be so fun. I hope you like my letter and my application. I looking forward to hear from you.
Yours sincerely,

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