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Congratulations on making the decision to become a host family with Au Pair International! The au pair program is an amazing opportunity for your family to learn a new language and be exposed to different cultures. Whether you are new to the program, a seasoned host family, or making the decision to switch agencies, we have some stellar discounts just for you!

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October Special


October Special - For a limited time, new host families can apply by the end of the month and receive a special discount!

Discount Details
Application Fee: Waived ($350 value)
Discount: $300 Program Fee Discount
Who Qualifies? New host families interested in welcoming an au pair into their home for this amazing cultural exchange experience!


Switching Agencies

welcome-back-former-au-pair-discountTime for a change? We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and loyalty when making the choice to switch agencies!

Discount Details
Application Fee: Waived ($350 value)
Discount: $500 Program Fee Discount
Who qualifies? Host Families that have been with another agency within the past 12-months. (Receive a more competitive quote? Send it our way, and we will be happy to match it!)

Military Appreciation

military-discountWe are grateful to all the men and women who protect our beautiful country. As you have served us, we welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family!

Discount Details
Application Fee: Waived ($350 value)
Discount – $500 Program Fee Discount
Who qualifies? Current and former military families looking to welcome an au pair into their home!


pre-match-discountAlready found the perfect au pair who is not currently enrolled with an agency? We have a special discount just for you!

Discount Details
Application Fee: $350
Discount: $1,000 Program Fee Discount
Who qualifies? Families who have already chosen the perfect au pair for their family. We will be happy to sponsor him/her as an au pair, and assist during the visa and program process!

Repeat Host Family

repeat-host-family-discount-1We appreciate our host families and strive to support them in every aspect of their program participation. Please accept this reward as a “thank you” for continuing to trust us as your program sponsor!

Reward Details
Application Fee: Waived ($350 value)
Discount: $500
Who Qualifies? Current host families who have been active with our agency within the past 12-months.

*Please note that unless otherwise stated, discounts cannot be combined.


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