When choosing an affordable childcare option for your family, you want to find someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and can teach your children new things. Hosting an au pair is an excellent way to bring consistent childcare to your home, while exposing your children to the customs and language of a different culture. We encourage families who are interested in this cultural exchange program to apply to be host families. While it is a very easy application process, we do have several requirements that must be met in order for a family to qualify.

Host Family Qualifications

A host family must be committed to include the au pair as a family member, have a successful cultural exchange, and must also meet these requirements:

  • U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, fluent in spoken English.
  • Room and Board: provide the au pair with meals and an appropriate private bedroom (bathroom may be shared).
  • Submit a completed host family application including references.
  • Complete an in-home consultation with an Au Pair International representative.
  • Adhere to the program’s Host Family Agreement and U.S. Regulations.
  • Include the au pair as part of the family, whenever possible, in family outings, holidays, and other events.
  • Live in one of the areas serviced by Au Pair International. Please call us at 1-888-649-2876 or contact us for details.
  • After your au pair’s arrival, facilitate his/her attendance at required monthly cluster meetings and to/from required educational courses.
  • Attend one host family day per year, planned by your local Area Director.
  • Massachusetts Host Families should review the Massachusetts Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights

It is at the host family’s discretion to provide other privileges, to assist the au pair with childcare duties, and allow the au pair to have an active and ongoing social life. Although many families require driving as part of the program, providing the au pair with the use of a car is not a requirement. The au pair should take part in the host family’s meals as an equal family member. It is also the responsibility of the host family to provide a method of transportation to assist the au pair in getting to and from required classes.

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