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Placement Coordinator

part-time, work-from-home position with a set schedule

The Placement Coordinator role is a unique position in which you will work closely with host families to match them with compatible au pair candidates. Successful PC's establish a rapport with each family to learn about their everyday life, schedule, personality, childcare needs, and desire to participate in a cultural exchange. They frequently interact with each assigned family to answer program-related questions, give guidance throughout the application process, and assist with interviewing/matching with desired or suggested applicants. It is also the role of the Placement Coordinator to ensure each host family thoroughly understands their financial obligations, responsibility as host parents, and the rules and regulations governing the United States Au Pair Program. Placement Coordinators manage their time efficiently to support a large number of both new and returning host families, effectively maintaining relationships to boost customer retention and growth through lead conversion.

Candidates that do well in this role possess the following qualities:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • The ability to connect with people quickly and be an active listener
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • A proactive, solution-oriented personality
  • Excellent time management and follow-through skills
  • The ability to multi-task/organize multiple competing priorities
  • The willingness to have difficult conversations and take on new challenges
  • The maturity and discipline to efficiently work from home during a set schedule, away from distraction
  • The desire to build healthy, lasting relationships between cultural exchange participants
  • The desire to be part of a close-knit team that works cohesively to provide participants with a unique and life-changing cultural exchange experience

Company Benefits:

  • Performance-based bonus potential
  • Bi-annual bonus structure
  • Annual pay review
  • Opportunities to attend annual team-building retreats
Regional Director

part-time, work-from-home position, managing a region of our cultural exchange program

Regional Directors (RD's) with API play a key role in maintaining strong relationships between program participants and ensuring regulatory requirements are being adhered to throughout the duration of a match. They are committed to helping host families and au pairs have the best cultural exchange experience possible, focusing on customer retention and territory growth. RD's must be able to effectively manage and develop a team of 25+ Area Directors, hiring, training, and coaching them to be successful local resources in their community. Cultivating strong, knowledgeable Area Directors in the field provides essential support to each host family and au pair match while reducing the burden on the Regional Director to provide secondary support in the future. He/She is "in the know" regarding the health and well-being of each assigned match (75+), providing top-level support to all parties and engaging in mediation and dispute resolution between participants to come to a mutually beneficial solution. The RD is available to manage high-priority and emergency situations that may arise, being able to provide timely solutions while portraying professionalism. Working closely with each Area Director to ensure Department of State regulatory requirements are adhered to, the RD keeps and maintains detailed documentation pertaining to each match. They also work very closely with the entire API team to provide essential regional updates and collectively work together to ensure we are providing the best cultural exchange experience to our valued participants.

Candidates that do well in this role possess the following qualities:

  • MUST have experience with other cultures as a former participant of an exchange or study abroad program and/or experience studying or working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Ability to maintain a part-time, variable hour position that requires strong attention to detail and a talent for multi-tasking
  • A dedicated home office and quiet space to work, with access to a high-speed internet connection
  • The maturity and discipline to efficiently work independently from home and on-the-go
  • The ability to manage high volumes of phone calls and emails on a daily basis
  • Natural leadership abilities with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience selecting, hiring, and training team members is extremely beneficial
  • A desire to tackle new challenges, with the ability to build and maintain a positive team environment even when the pressure is on
  • The capacity to de-escalate/diffuse difficult situations and provide solutions in a timely manner
  • The desire to build healthy, lasting relationships between cultural exchange participants and team members
  • The ability to think outside the box and be proactive in providing solutions for program improvement
  • Passion for program development and increasing customer satisfaction and retention
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Prior experience using/navigating CRM/data management systems

Company Benefits:

  • Bi-annual bonus structure
  • Annual pay review
  • Opportunities to attend annual team-building retreats
Au Pair Support Coordinator

part-time, work-from-home position, starting at 10-20 hours per week

Have you done a study/work abroad program and want to help others have a great experience? We are sending American applicants abroad again and hope to grow our outbound program with a dedicated person invested in cultural exchange. This program was growing tremendously prior to the pandemic, and we are seeing a surge in interest now after not being able to send anyone abroad for over a year and a half. We are looking for someone to assist with building the program by following up on requests for information from potential candidates and finding ways to reach potential applicants to explain the available program options. This person will support candidates through all steps of the process including assisting with applying for the program, interviewing with prospects, applying for foreign visas, assisting with travel arrangements, and providing support during their time abroad. He/She will also develop/maintain relationships with international partners in current and potential exchange markets.

Candidates that do well in this role possess the following qualities:

  • High school or equivalent education
  • MUST possess a passion for travel and for learning and understanding other cultures
  • Ideally, have either hosted an exchange participant, been an exchange participant themselves or have previously traveled internationally
  • A solution-orientated problem solver who is committed to helping our au pairs have a wonderful program experience
  • A quick learner with strong customer service skills and possesses exemplary communication skills
  • Enjoys working as part of a team and works well with various personalities and their individual needs
  • Excellent phone manner and customer service
  • Self-starter with superb time management
  • Multi-taking is vital in this position
  • In-home office set up with computer and reliable internet connection
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to manage high volumes of phone calls and emails on a daily basis
  • Prior knowledge of working with CRM and LiveChat systems
  • Ability to adjust to changing requirements and regulations
  • Knowledge of/experience with international travel

Full training provided, complete work-from-home position, flexible hours, bi-annual bonus structure, and pay review. This is truly a great company to work for and we are looking for the right people to join our positive team environment.

**This position WILL require international travel**

Strong preference to candidates who have done a study abroad/exchange program previously. Preference to applicants who live in Colorado or Arizona.


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