Jelena Brajevic

Home Country: Serbia
Age: 21
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 3/11/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Im in USA, im currently staying at my coordinator's house. Im on rematch because of violence in my past host family. I was on the program for a month and a half, in a family with two children, a boy (2 years old) and a girl (3 years old). From the first day I really liked them and they loved me. We had our games and routines... with girl i always was going to her dance classes and with the boy i was made breakfest and we was eat togather while she was in kindergarten. Also, they really like to go for a walk so we walked almost everyday, it was really great month and a half. I am very sorry that I had to leave the house  because of the children,  who are adorable, but it was for my safety. And I am very happy and excited about finding a new host family.


Dear host family,

I am Jelena, I am from Serbia. I am an online student at the university of management. I am 20 years old and I am very happy to meet you. I love children very much, I get along with them and I love spending time with them.

I have been taking care of children my whole life, that were mostly my cousins and neighbors. Later I started working as a babysitter. Three years ago I became aunt. My sister and neice live in our family house so I've been taking care of my neice since the day she was born.

I spend a lot of time with her and I really enjoyed to make food for her, to play with her and teach her new things. And when i'm home before she go to bed, we always dance to our favorite songs.

I worked as a babysitter because I get along very well with children, my responsibilities were mostly to take children to kindergarten / school, everyday things like preparing food, feeding, dressing, bathing, putting children to bed, teaching, playing, assisting with homework, I loved reading books to children and things like that.

I love being surrounded by children because they are sincere and good.

Also, 2 years ago I wrote my first amateur theatrical performance for kids. Children took part in the performance. We practiced almost every day, it was a very interesting experience.

Also, I trained dance for a very long time, with a dance group I visited a lot of different places and I performed at various interesting events and in addition to the dance group, I also performed in the dance group of the city where I live, together with them I represented my city at many competitions and festivals (it’s something like cheerleaders).

I have good communication with kids, I love playing with them, making interesting and creative meals for them so children could love all the food. I love reading them stories and teaching them new things. I am very happy about Au Pair program because I will spend time with children which I like so much, I will meet new people and culture, and improve my English.

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