Jennifer Affranchino

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: Immediately

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Presentation letter
Hello Host family, my name is Jennifer Affranchino, I am 25 years old, I am an elementary level teacher since 2017. I am from Victoria, in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina.
I live in a small town called Victoria, with my family;
My mother Susana, who is 55 years old, my father Juan Jose, who is 55 years old, my sister Yanina, who is 28 years old, and my two daschund dogs Luli and Tomi.
My house is close to the beach, the river, and the hills where I love to walk with my dogs.
I really like animals, I have always had pets. When I was little I had a turtle named flopy, two fishes nemo and dory, two birds- baby lapwings we rescued from the street- and many dogs during my life.
One of my dogs now, Luli is also rescue from a dog kennel, and my other dog Tomi, was gifted to me by a friend at just 30 days old. During the first month, I had to bottle feed him and wake up with him during the night. I love my dogs as if they were my children and I think that caring for animals, just like caring for children, requires a lot of commitment, responsibility and patience but the effort is worth it.
I enjoy playing sports, I played in a hockey team during 4 years, right now I go to the gym every day, and I like spending time with my friends. Victoria is a small town, and everything is close, so we can see each other many times a week.
I like to make cakes for birthdays for my family and my friends. Every year, I make birthday cakes for the three children I babysat years ago: Sofi, Uma and Galo. I have made them cakes with superheroes, animals, princesses and unicorns. Last year, I made Sofi a strawberry and chocolate cake decorated with owls.
I took care of Sofi, Uma and Galo from the time they were babies and today, they still visit me and I help them with their school work. During the years I babysat them, we spent many hours together in the afternoons. We went to the park, had picnics, invented games, went for ice-cream, played with toys, watched films, read books, painted pictures, walked the dogs, and went to the beach.
I have worked in many schools for months at a time which has helped me get to know different groups of children and the different realities of each group. The children I taught at the rural school were very different from the city children and I had to adapt my classes to their needs. For example, my class at the rural school had only six students and my class in the city had 25. With such a large group of children, classes have to be more dynamic and structured. However, in the rural school, we could improvise games and dedicate more time and attention to each child.
In my last class of five year-olds, I also had a child with autism. I had to adapt all the activities to his needs. For example: when the other children knew how to write their names, he could only trace letters. Or while the other children understood instructions quickly, he had to be instructed more specifically and activities had to last less time than the rest of the children.
During my time with pre-K classes we did cognitive development activities. One exercise I used to practice their fine motor skills was to begin painting with their hands and fingers on large pieces of paper, then using small paint rollers, then with large brushes and finally, with smaller pieces of paper and fine brushes. This prepared them to learn to hold pencils and, later, begin to write.
With the babies, we prepared “sensory blankets” which was a space with different textures and objects of various shapes and colors, sounds and lights. Placing the babies in different positions, lying on their bellies for example, so they could learn to move and eventually, begin to crawl and manipulate objects with their hands.
Where I live, there are many school with low resources. When I was thinking about what I could study after graduating, I thought that becoming an elementary level teacher was the best way I could provide these children with a space where they could learn and develop, while being well taken care of and loved. I was motivated by the idea of teaching children at an early age. These years are formative not only in physical growth, but also when they form their personalities, and I think it is vital that they have containment if they cannot get it at home; a place where they can develop with security and self-esteem. I think children are innocent and full of kindness which makes working with them pleasant and enjoyable.
I would like to participate in the Au pair program, because it is a new experience for me, a new challenge in my life that helps me to leave my comfort zone. Also I am excited about the idea of seeing new places, cultures, a new language, new people and ways of thinking. I really enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, and learning new languages, and most of all I love travelling.
Right now I am studying human resources in university, which is another reason why I want to have the cultural exchange, learn and perfect my English.
At the same time, the program is focused on the work with children, which I enjoy a lot and something I feel very prepared for.
I hope to meet you and your family soon!
Thanks for your time in reading my presentation letter.
With kind wishes.

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