Jia-In Hwang

Home Country: Taiwan
Age: 22
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 1/17/22 (Extension)

My Video

Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family,

My name is HWANG JIA-IN,you can just call me Andica,my English name. I am from Taiwan and I’m twenty-two years old now. I live with my parents and my brother,he is just one year younger than me,so we are pretty close. Our family often get along with each other,we usually eat in restaurant during festivals,like mother’s day、birthday or Chinese new year,and sometimes we will drive to travel.

This year,I got a bachelor degree in early childhood education at Nanhua University and I also passed the babysitting license. My hobby is travellng, I have been to the US、Japan、Hong Kong、Macao、Singapore and Malaysia. of All these countries,the united states impressed me the most,that’s why I want to be an au pair in there. In my leisure time,I enjoy binge-watching Netfliex、American movies and hanging out with my friends or family, Nevertheless,I still spend a lot of time with myself. Occasionally, I play some musical instruments ,like piano、flute、ukulele and piccolo, but I often draw and write my diary. When I was in college,I made a picture book with my partner for graduation thesis, the book is for children and story is about fruit, the patterns inside are all colorful, our thesis also gets two champions and a second place.

In all my summer vacations,I spend half of my time with children. First vacation,I work in pre-school in Taiwan for a month,that was my first time have to take care of so many children at the same time,I feel really stressed and I almost gave up. Fortunately, there were good colleagues and teachers who accompanied me through that time,otherwise,you might not read this letter. I remember the first school day, all the kids are crying, I try to get their attention to make them forget what they are upset about, prevent them keep throwing tantrums.and I have met some really shy children,I had to earn their trust with time and empathy. Soon,after a few weeks, I was very touched to see their growth, Seems like I'm just getting acquainted with them and I have to say goodbye,it was make me really reluctant,and that was my first memory of being a teacher. Second vacation,I got a chance from the Ministry of Education, did internship with my classmates in Singapore for a month, In that month, we created a lot of memories,we even travel to Malaysia. I learned some different ways of education from Taiwan and experience culture,Singapore’s Racial Harmony Day is my favorite, but what I miss the most is the food in there,if have the chance,you must have to try and travel a few days.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,my third summer vacation, originally planned to take a talent course,but I had a car accident, I can only lie at bed for the rest of the all holiday,but that year,I still have a job that is about children, My college teacher introduced me to her friend’s house to play with her son and accompany him, about once or twice a week,and this work lasted until I graduated from university. In the fourth year of college, every students have to do inter in preschools for three months,I chose to go back to my hometown to complete the internship. That was a very special experience. Actually,at that time I encountered a lot of setbacks about coworkers and child with disabilities, but I am very grateful for those experiences that made me grow up, and after the internship,I decided to apply for the au pair program.

Fifteen years ago,I spent two weeks in the US with my family,we went to visit my aunt family and celebrate Christmas,even when I was seven I still remember until now, Since then I make a wish to myself that I want to experience life abroad and learn about the culture. And I really like children and educate. In the future,I plan to study in Canada or work in Singapore, No matter which one, Accumulating strength and improving language are both important to me So ,be an au pair allows me to do something what I like while learning English. My parents also support in anything I want to do, they hope me can experience life abroad、learn to become even more independent. And, I think I am a person who can adaptable to new challenge、and committed to myself and my work. the most important,I can always be optimistic about everything. Hope we can meet each other soon!

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