Jitsy Reguillo Bujato

Home Country: Colombia
Age: 25
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 10/9/21

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Host Family,
My name is Jitsy Reguillo, I am 24 years old, I am from Colombia, I live in Barranquilla, with my parents Rodrigo Reguillo and Quisquella Bujato.
My dad is a public accountant and my mom is a teacher and housewife. I have a brother, his name is Jeiser Reguillo, he is a systems engineer and he is 27 years old. We are a very close, sociable and communicative family. My family is large and I love it. My mother has two brothers, and my father has a sister and a brother, so I have many uncles, aunts and cousins. I love children and I have always been taking care of my little cousins, practically since they were born, preparing their food, preparing their bottle, bathing them, changing their diapers, helping them with their chores, playing and doing crafts together or going to the pool or the beach. I have always been surrounded by children.
When I finished high school, I decided to study surgical instrumentation and I graduated two years ago and today I'm a professional. I love my profession. What can I tell you about myself? I am a responsible, nice, really patient and empathic girl.
In my daily routine, I’m organized and dynamic. I enjoy having quality time with my family and friends. Also, I am a person who wants to do many things; I like to discover new things: people, places and cultures.
I like to travel, I think it's a good way to meet new people or you can get to know friends better if you travel with them and have a good time with the family. I like to dance, especially fashionable music. However, I usually listen to different musical styles and I also love to go to concerts. I like to read and watch movies and series in my free time. I also like to be outdoors, in the park, on the beach or in other places in contact with nature.
Regarding my experience with children, I took care of 2 sons of a family friend (a baby and a toddler) for almost 6 years. I was fully responsible of the childcare. I really enjoyed this experience. When I am with the children I like to play football, run, play cards, play with Legos and invent new games, sing and dance with them, I love to go to the park, the zoo and the mall to eat ice cream and play in ticket machines. Regarding my experience with babies, I can say that I know how to change diapers, I know how to dress them, bathe them, give them the bottle, give them baby food and put them in bed. I really like teaching them new things.
At home I sweep, mop, wash dishes, take out the garbage, tidy up the house a bit, wash clothes in the washing machine, organize it in the closet, make the bed, do the food shopping.
I want to be an Au Pair because I love children, their innocence and creativity, live new and fun experiences, enrich my life, improve my level of English and share my culture and essence in the people around me during my stay and be a more independent person.
I am very excited about the opportunity to get to know you better and be part of your family. I hope you had fun reading my letter and learned a little more about me and my dream of being an Au Pair.
With love,

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