Jonathan Oliver

Home Country: South Africa
Age: 22
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 8/9/22

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear Family,
Im currently an au pair in country going through rematch due to my current host family going through financial problems and arent able to pay me for much longer. They have been so awesome and so good to me and i am sad to be leaving after becoming a part of their family! Im especially going to miss the two children, Daniel who is 3 and Emily who turned 7. They are also happy to do a review about me so if you would like to contact them they are happy to answer any questions about me!

A daily routine that was required of me while being with them consisted of:

Waking Kids up, helping with breakfast, taking then to school and fetching them again after. Making lunch/snack, doing laundry, playing with them, taking them to parks and play dates, playing soccer with them, cleaning up after them (picking up toys, dishes etc) and honestly i found joy every moment i spent with the kids, i love playing games and spending time with them. I gave my all when i was with the kids and was fully focused on them and making sure they were okay while having fun! Everytime they see Jonathan they think of a fun! I can promise that if you accept me into the family i will show so much love and have the most fun time with them as well as teaching them responsibilities and being sturdy!

I am so excited to start this journey with you guys! I cant wait to meet you in person and start this chapter together. We are going to have the best time and the most fun together. I cant wait to share some South African things with you guys and experience the American life. The kids and i are going to have the best time and are going to be well looked after! I havent met you guys yet but i already know you guys are going to be awesome! Cant wait for this journey together! A little about myself, im 21 currently working for my church. Im involved in Children Ministry and Youth Ministry! I really have a great passion and love when it comes to working with kids, even when i come back i want to go into teaching or even get planted back in a church here somewhere once again involved in Childrens Ministry. Ive got a sister whos 18 almost 19 - 11 September - and shes currently in America doing the Au pair program and is situated in South Carolina! I am a Christian and i love Jesus more than anything! I also love sport and went to my Countries Championships for Running and played for a professional soccer club! Ive got 2 amazing parents who i still stay with and support this 100% and are so keen on video calling and meeting you guys as well! Im so excited to get this started and become apart of your guys family. Its going to be full of fun and good times, im going to love looking after your kids aswell as seeing them grow up and learn from them as well! Ive got quite a crazy Gran as well haha, she sends me a photo of myself and asks me to send her that photo but shes just sent it to me 😀 My dad is a salesman for his own company that he has just opened up and they sell a whole bunch of foods, he also is a man of God and treats my mom like Gold! Im lucky to still have both parents married and am very greatful for that! My mom is a Manager for a company called Transvaal Training where they train people to drive huge machines to fix roads and electrical wiring. She is the best mom and is so loving and caring, my mom has the softest heart and supports and loves us no matter what! She has taught me many things in life and i look up to her. My sister used to also be involved in the church im currently working at and is now in South Carolina, we both just have a gift for working with kids, we love it and both want to persue a career that invloves children! She drives me crazy a lot of the times but i also look up to her! She's got a gentle heart and has always showed me love and support as well! Im super greatful for my family and i hope you guys get to know them one day, they are all also very excited to meet you all! Theres a thing South Africans love to do and that is to braai! I cant wait to share this South African tradition with you guys as well as i cant wait to teach you guys afrikaans! Ive got so much i can showyou guys and im sure you guys have a lot to show me too! I cant wait to learn and see! I also have a girlfriend that im going to be leaving behind unfortunately but that just shows how passionate i am when it comes to working with children and plus the touring is a bonus! Its going to be diffucult for us but we love each other and have been together for 2 years, we going to stick it out and when i get back hopefully get married 2 or 3 years after! She only wants one child but shes definitely smoking her socks because thats not happening haha! I want 2 or 3 kids! She's a little sad that im going but she is supporting me and is also excited to meet you guys! I honour her, i respect her and i love her so much! Im sure we will video call her and that you'll get the chance to meet her when im there. I dont really have a certain area that im hoping you guys are, i dont mind whereever you guys are, i just want a loving and caring family such as my own! Love beats everything and goes further than anything to me! You guys are trusting me with your children/child and i promise to do my best and give my all when im thereand just havethe best and most fun time when i get there. I havent even met you guys yet but i already know you guys are going to be awesome and that we're going to have the best time when im there! Hope you guys are doing really well and i hope i see you guys soon soon! Much love Jonathan

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