Jose Ceschini

Home Country: Argentina
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children of All Ages
Available: 7/28/22 (Extension)

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear future host family,
My name is Augusto Ceschini, and I am 26 years old. I am from Argentina, but now I am living in Sacramento, California.
I consider myself as a dreamy, patient, organized and creative person. Something I like about me is that I am very open minded. I feel very interested in travelling and meeting new people, trying different cuisines, learning new languages and cultures, in fact, this is my third time in the US; I have been to Indianapolis, NY, DC, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Denver and Cleveland!
I have a degree in Law. I am quite proud of this achievement, because it will help me to grow professionally and achieve more goals in the future. I used to be a trainee at a Law Firm and did mainly Personal Injuries. I loved this job, however, I decided it was time to go for an adventure, and as I love kids I was sure that this program was for me!
I come from a big family: my mother ́s name was Virginia and after becoming a dentist she decided to dedicate to maternity, so she had 4 sons and 1 daughter. My dad, Alberto, runs his own business. We always spend time together watching movies or going for a bike ride. All my siblings are older than me, and I have 11 nephews and nieces! So now you can understand my background a bit better and my family dynamic: big table, a lot of people, crazy vacations and always used to be surrounded by people.
I love sharing time with my family and my friends!  My social life is pretty active and I’m very proud of that.
During my free time, I like going out, going to restaurants and trying new food, making new friends, travelling and just spend time with my people. Other activity I enjoy a lot is going to the cinema with my friends or if it isn’t possible, watching a movie at home. I do not consider myself as a great cook but once in a while I bake!
About my work experience I can tell I have taken care of several children, but I would like to talk about my experience in the US. I arrived on July the 27th to Sacramento, California. I am taking care of a baby who is going to be 2 years old soon but when I arrived she was one. I wake her up, make breakfast for her, then I dress her and drive to daycare to drop her off. When she is at daycare I do her laundry, make her bed and put her things together. At 5 pm I drive her and we come back home. I give her a snack and then we play. After playing I feed her so I also prepare dinner, sometimes for the family too. I bathe her and put her to bed. I also taught her to walk and talk and now I am training her to use the potty. She is really smart and I feel so proud of her!
What I really like about taking care of children is to share moments together, as I find observing them growing so interesting and they remind me how beautiful and simple life can be. They have the possibility to enjoy the little things, and it is very special to me. They learn a lot of us, but we learn more from them than we think. Also, I would like to add that it is simply fascinating to see how they grow up, develop their motor skills and explore this huge new world!
I would like to find a family that can make me feel like home and include me, as a new family member! My goal is to make plans as a family, experience your culture, and enjoy together.
Are you this family? Thanks for your time!

Dear host family,   My name is Augusto Ceschini (you can call me Augus), I’m 24 and I’m from Argentina. I define myself as a tranquil, simple, passionate guy. I currently live in Rosario, a big city of 1.198.528 habitants. It is a very beautiful city. It has a temperate climate with temperatures between 19° C and 28° C in summer and drop to 10° C during the winter.   My family consists of my father, José Alberto (61 years old). Sadly, my mom, Virginia, died when I was 11. She was a dentist. My father works on his own; he runs his own bussiness. I have 5 sibilings: Mariano José, Candela, Pedro Hernesto, Federico Raúl and Ignacio. They’re all married and live in their own houses now. Luckily I get on well with them, I love them and after my mom’s death we’ve became very united. Oh… and if you want to know about pets, I have no pets at the moment, but I used to have cats, dogs, fish and some birds. I live in an appartment now and I’m not allowed to have animals at home.   The last years I have been working for a Law Buffet and studiyng to have my degree, so I’ve spent most of my days at home, but I like going out and doing outdoor activities. I really enjoy hanging around, sometimes alone, and sometimes with friends, running, or doing any other sport for fun. In my spare time I like reading (I have became a very close friends of the books lately hahahah). I also spent time with my friends: we go out to have dinner, go to dance, go to the club in the summer to swim, we come home together to play board games or just to drink mate in the afternoon (mate is a typical drink here in my country. It has no alcohol and it’s very similar to tea). Other activity that I like is cooking; many times when I'm bored in the evening I cook cakes or something sweet for tea time. I also enjoy going to the cinema and theater, or watching movies at home. In Rosario we have big malls so generally if the weather is not that good we go there and spend some hours shopping or just walking around. Despite of the fact that in this part of my country there are no mountains, I like mountaineering and sometimes camping. I don't know how to ski but I'd love to leanr 🙂   As for my studies, I completed my elementary and high education at Dante Alighieri College, a private school; I’m really glad that my parents have taken my education for serious and take me to a good college. I finished school in 2013 and in 2014 I moved on my own and started University. In this period of my life I have became very independent. On the other hand, I like spending time with children.   My first work experience was taking care of two little kids: Ernestina and Boris. I was on holiday and had decided not to travel so I was able to do the job. It was my first time taking care of children but I already knew the kids and they knew my family, so I can say we were and still are very close. About this work experience I can say I started just taking care of the children, but then I was told to do some of the housework so I could recieve a higher salary, and I accepted. As the kids were very tranquil, I could do different activities, such as cleaning some rooms, putting things in order, hanging and washing clothes, sometimes ironing… One of the most important activities in this case was supervise them doing homework, as they were a bit lazzy and their father couldn't help them with that, so I can say, definitley, I learned to be very patient and a kind of "teacher" 😉 As I knew how to cook already, I generally made some food for the family as the kids liked it and they helped me... it was a way of playing we can say!  My second work experience was in 2018. The family knew me too and they were recommended to hire me. This was easier: I had just to go for the kids after school, and take them home. As we arrived I prepared something to eat. Then we generally played or did homework. The kids were very tranquil and behaved properly. The length of each sesión was 4 hours. As the parents arrived, I went back home, but at times they invited me to have dinner with them, wich was very amusing. I had such a great time with this kids! It was a great experience.... they behaved very well and were very respectful to me and to others. The way I entertained them was playing with them (computer games, hide and seek, board games), singing, chating, drawing... we played in the garden as well and sometimes we went for a walk. Sometimes I could learn to be very creative with them! I really really enjoyed it and would take care of 8 to 10 yo kids again 🙂  The third work experience was with a baby. I must admit it was a bit harder. This baby, Bernardo, was so beautiful! I consider it was a bit harder to take care of a baby as I had to be much more responsable than with the other kids. Of course you MUST always be responsable if it’s about taking care of little children, but when it’s about a baby, I find it different…. I learnt to be very careful with his head, I learned to change a diaper and how to feed him. It was very important burping him after eating, so his mother explaneid me how to do it; in fact, he stayed with me during a whole afternoon to teach me and supervise me. She was very kind. The length of each sesión was 5 hours. I just waited till he woke up, played with him, fed and burping him. If needed, I changed the diaper and bath him. This was my favourite experience as I felt very comfortable with the baby. Before this, I had never taken care of a baby before and I found it very interesting and enjoyable! As her mother worked a lot during the day, I had to prepare the food for him and generally I left severeal meals to help her and save time. I find babys very cute and sweet 😀   When I decided to enroll in the Au Pair program, my destination choice was the United States. I have already visited your country and in fact, I have been working there too. I thinck that you should know why I would like to have the Au Pair experience there and if I already know the country. The first time I flew to the US was because of a work trip. I went with my best friend, Camila. We lived and worked together at a Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. I stayed 2 months and had the chance to see different places: I visited Vegas, Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Sedona, Grand Canyon and after leaving I flew to Florida as I wanted to visit Tampa and Miami. It was a really interesting experience because it was my first time in the country and I discovered that I loved living and working there and I could easily do it again! I made friends and met people from different parts of the world. The second time I visited your country was because a car race: the famous Indy 500. My dad and I enjoy car races and we decided to go as this race is very popular. Then we visited New York City, New Jersey, D.C. and Boston. It was simply G O R G E O U S! I hope the program meets my expectations to gain valuable work experience, traveling in USA, learn more about your culture, make a difference in the lives of kids who I’ll take care, as they will leave a indelible mark on me. I wish I could make new friends and improve my English. I believe very strongly that it’s an amazing experience that no boy should miss. From my new family I hope to achieve the confidence that I have with my dad, that you can be calm and happy with me. I hope we can have a good time together, that they be respectful, loving and patient with me as I'm going to be just like that with them. I also hope to treat them as my parents, my "American parents", and they can treat me like a son. I have high expectations about the year ahead: I’ll live in the USA. I really want the time comes to meet my new family and my new city. And I hope to meet your expectations for also leave you a trace and be remembered as a good bro pair who was part of their lives. So I say goodbye, I hope that with this letter you may have an idea about me and my life. Perhaps we'll meet in a short time. I’m looking foward to hearing from you soon! All the best, Augus 🙂

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