Jose Izquierdo Rodriguez

Home Country: Mexico
Age: 26
Qualified to Care For: Children Ages 2 and Older
Available: 5/10/2021

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Letter To My Future Host Family

Dear host family:

My name is José Daniel Izquierdo, I live in México, and I am a teacher.
I live in a big and beautiful house with my paternal grandparents, my father and my older sister. They are very kind and sympathetic, and they love to make family meals on sundays.

Although I have another older sister who lives in another house with her housband and they have two lovely and adorable children and they are my adoration.

I do not have any pets but I really love animals.

I want to be an au pair, because I love children and I like to teach them new things as responsabilities and spend my time with them and, why not? learning from them too.

I think that this au pair program is very beneficial to people who wants to travel, to learn and to meet new cultures.

I love children and I enjoy to teach them academic things and chores in different and funny ways, and as teacher I like to raise awareness in children to make the world a better place to live.

I have been working in elementary school, secundary school, and high school, and I really love working as a teacher.

I like to play with children and sing funny songs.

I have taken care of my friend´s sons and daughters and I found it very entretained and challenging, specially when theay are two or more with a huge age difference but I think I had succeed because they keep caling me to take care of their children, it is a nce experience to be with them and to realize that you can help to form the adults of tomorrow, childhood is such an important stage because is where you form your character, I try my best to always understand and respect their feelings and help them to understand them to, to guide them with love and to always believe in themselves and love themselves.

I do not have much experience with babies but I am a fast learner and very patient so, I can do it.

I have been staff for different coaches in "Coach life" processes, so I have worked with grown people and children.

I really love singing, in fact I can sing my favorite songs all day, I love music, also, I like writing, watching movies and series, and reading books; I like to meet new people and I like to travel and to know different places.

I like to spend my time with my family, talk with them, and when somebody of them needs help, I help them.

I really like to talk and play with my nieces and my little cousins. Actually, we have a really closer relationship.

I like acting too, I have participated as an extra in Netflix series, as Sense 8Club de cuervos, and also I acted in a play for a disable kids fundation, the children were very happy that day.

I like going to gym, sometimes in my freetime.

I think this program will help me to grow, to improve my english level and to learn about myself and other while taking care of children, I am very excited to live abroad and to spend quality time with a family that allows me to nurture his children minds with love and lote of confidence in themselves.

Hope you can give me the chance to know your family and, luckily, to become your Au Pair.

I am very exited to know about you.


Daniel Izquierdo.   ツ

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